Sunday, May 18, 2014

a few items

what I don't care about right now:

Barbara Walters' retirement
Barbara Walters in general
Oprah, Hillary Clinton and the entire cast of The View, past and present.
My weight
Billboard Music Awards tonight
The man who told me I was "big as a house" at church today.  Asked twice if I was expecting twins. Laughed and laughed and laughed. Maybe I should actually put these comments under the category: Stuff that made me mad and also made me want to cry.  And another category: Reasons I may not go to church for awhile.
The Fault in our Stars and other wordy books that are overrated.  I felt like I was choking on every...single...clever...conversation.  If you see John Green tell him I said he's not that great.
Whether or not my kids are brushing their teeth.  Who has the energy.

what I do care about right now:

I'm down to half a bag right now...Sonic tomorrow.
kettle potato chips
the pain in my back
the pain in my ribs
what we will name this baby
the fact that I made it through baseball season
the fact that by the end of it we were down to one mitt...where the rest of it went, we may never know.
the fact that I left two weeks worth of meat in the car overnight last night.  Went to put in a roast this morning and...there was no roast. 

This picture:

13 days left.  Three more hours of church.  Two Mondays.  Two Friday nights.  etcetcetcetc....


Michelle Jensen said...

I really really like you :) It sounds like you are getting so close. Just think that soon enough you will kissing that little person to death (I have a friend that is pregnant and due next month… that is what I keep telling her). Just think of the little arms and hands!! Adorable. Well good luck to you and if I were your husband I would not let you run out of ice under any circumstances...

MediocreMama said...

Thanks ladies xoxo