Wednesday, May 28, 2014

spring break - san diego

We spent Spring Break this year in Cali.  I have to call it Cali because Tod is from Cali and hates, hates, HATES when people call it that.  Just say the whole word. 
I agree. 
He also hates the words prego, preggers, and vacay. 
We are a good match.
I don't think there's a better place to take your kids for a week than the beach.  The hours fly by and all you have to do is sit there.  At least that's all I did.  Tod was on his feet most of the time.  It's good for him, I always say.

On our last day we finished packing the car and I waited with the boys for Tod and Ruby to come down.  Waited and waited.  Finally they showed up, Ruby kicking and screaming.  He showed me this picture (above) and explained that he couldn't get her into the elevator.  She didn't want to leave.  I couldn't blame her.
The next time we see the ocean we will be a family of six and not five.  Deep, deep breaths. 

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carey said...

Family of six is awesome, you will love it! Can't wait to hear baby news.