Monday, September 1, 2014

tommy's blessing

I've always felt the tradition of having a baby, being up with a baby every night, recovering from giving birth, then being expected to throw a party for its baby blessing was a little weird.  The tradition should be that everyone ELSE throws the party for the MOM while she naps then after it's over they clean it all up while she naps again.  Is anyone writing this down?

We were thankful that so many friends and family members were able to make it.  And we ordered the food Saturday and picked it up after church -- WRITE THAT DOWN TOO.  It was so easy and we were able to all enjoy each other.  Nice call, Tod.

I actually didn't cook at all that weekend -- Due Forni on Saturday night with both sides of the family (sorry Kari...I have zero pics of you guys (?)). One of our favorite places:

Blessing day:
Tod gave him a name and a blessing and it was beautiful.  At one point I opened my eyes and I saw Brother Rasmussen almost laughing in the circle...later he told me that Tommy cooed and smiled and giggled the entire time.  What a sweet babe.

Family picture and watch out Ruby -- take one guess who runs this house. 

Tommy holding Tommy...Larry holding Larry

After church that day, my mom took Lennon and Larry back to Utah with her.  I'm pretty sure they had ice cream every night plus snow cones and corn dogs plus lots of cool hikes and swimming days and whatever else they wanted...poor boys.
Larry did a cool hike/cave camp to Timpanogos Caves (my mom was a trooper) while Lennon spent a week at BYU sports camp.  Like I said, poor poor boys.
While they were gone, I enjoyed a relaxing week with two kids. 
We dressed up...
Colored in princess coloring books only...

Snuggled our favorite baby boy...

 And ended the week with a road trip to Utah to join the boys. 
PS that car seat in the middle is not supposed to be buckled in.  I was bringing it to Tommy for his babe coming in November.  I realize it looks dangerous...

 Ruby looks cute in headphones.  Unfortunately she liked to take them off and throw them.  And then needed to tell me 100x to pick them up for her while I drove on the freeway. 

Tons of fun.

i'm going to write it down

Last week my grandpa called me.  He asked if I'd read the book he's been writing about my grandma Jewel.  Since she passed away from Alzheimer's disease a year ago he's been spending his time writing her story.  Their story.  I said yes and we hung up.

Last night I finished it.  With shameless tears streaming and snot running and a few ugly snorts I finished reading their story.  I realized something -- our stories are important.  Our lives have significance.  If we fail to record it all, no one else will ever know about how beautiful and sometimes hard it was.  Today I'll call my grandpa and tell him thank you -- I needed that reminder.

I used to blog all the time.  More people were reading/posting blogs and I only had one, two then three kids.  Now it's hard to find the time.  But it is important.  If I do nothing else, I want to tell my story for my kids and their kids and so on.  We are all connected and can learn from each other.  My grandpa's book included several entries from my grandma's journals.  Even though she's physically gone now it was as if she were speaking again.  Records give voices to the dead.  I don't want my story to die with me.

More to come.  I'm resolving to writing things down and include pictures more often.  Because there is nothing more important to me than these people:

Finally -- my grandpa's book reminded me that I come from a family who can do hard things.  We are not afraid to work, we are not afraid to try.  We do not give up.  We have faith in God and we put family first.  So even if I look bigger than I'd like or my hair is messier than I like or my kids clothes are dirtier than I like -- I'm posting it.  We are real people with real problems but we also have a beautiful, happy life.  I do not want to forget these years.  They are fantastic and really really hard. 
Our family motto for this year:
We can do hard things.
My grandma would've liked it.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

holiday / birthday / strep

There are two types of people in the world.
Those who enjoy newborns and those who do not.
It seems like dads are allowed to say newborns aren't fun. 
And then when moms say it they suddenly seem insensitive, cold and mean.
I don't enjoy newborns.  I don't get baby hungry.  I get through the baby phase the best I can so I can enjoy the rest.  Babies are small, fragile, unpredictable, and a little scary.
Maybe five people read this blog so hopefully news doesn't travel too fast. 
I prefer sleeping all night, kids who can eat food in the car while I'm driving, conversations, reading books together, playing at the park, swimming at the pool.
 People say they love snuggling babies all day and to that I say: WHEN?  HOW?  AND DON'T YOU NEED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE?
No offense to Thomas or any of my other kids.  I love you all...I just don't prefer you as babies.
July so far:
4th of July breakfast with cousin Evan and Tod in his sweet garment top.  He hates when I post pictures of him in his garments and to that I say: Put on a shirt.

Cousin Evan came to visit and spent a week at scout camp.  He was a good sport -- our house isn't super peaceful right now.

Larry on my favorite holiday
Ruby -- scared out of her mind -- on my favorite holiday.
Thomas and me (snuggling!) on my favorite holiday.  See, I'm not that bad.

Lennon's seventh birthday party the next day.  After a weekend of the 4th of July and a birthday party at the pool Tod and I needed a vacation.  Or even a power nap.

He was so happy and look how handsome.  Seven years have flown.

Back at the house...once in awhile things get quiet so I investigate.  I found her like this in her room today and had a good laugh.

Then looked out my bedroom window to see these guys setting up a superhero store.
Some of the options:


Mermaids like grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

My sweet, sweet Ruby.

My sassy Ruby who may break her dad's heart someday.

And then Baby Thomas Q...six weeks old now.  And look -- snuggling with his super loving mom.

And then there was last weekend.  Poor Larry had a fever all day so I told Tod I'd take him to the doctor.  Instead he talked me into taking him to Outback for dinner with everyone first.  Picture above is Larry with a fever of 102 and his crappy mom enjoying her meat.
I took him in the next morning and he had strep.  It's the worst when Larry is sick because he doesn't complain...he just looks miserable.
Strep has far no one else has it...fingers are crossed.

Monday, June 30, 2014

the rest of june/we survived/let's start sleeping soon

June ends tonight.  The last four weeks with a newborn have been much faster than the last four weeks of my pregnancy. 
Some pictures:
Ruby before trim
 Ruby post-trim.  I took all four kids to get haircuts (Tom said maybe next time) and felt like Superwoman.   Please look at her shoes.  And thank you Grandma KK for her outfit.
 Walked in on this one night and almost melted into the floor. 
 Natalie gave Ruby one of Maddie's Barbies and dollhouse.  She is in girl heaven.
Lennon reading to his brother.  Note his black eye -- self-inflicted wound from trampoline. 
 Grandpa Larry was in town so we got to spend a day with him.  What a huge lift.  I needed that.
Whenever he shows up I always feel like everything is going to be okay.  Stress levels drop and I feel like I can do anything.  Tom liked him too.
We spent a morning at the spray park and Larry spent most of it under this tree, eating chips.  Ahhhh to be a kid in the summertime again. 
One day was particularly hot so we drove to Sonic to get Mom her ice the kids something cold to drink.  The addiction is now not a pregnancy craving but a legitimate (and dental) problem.
I think I'm losing fillings but have purchased Sensodyn to help with the sensitivity and pain.  Please don't tell me to stop the ice.
These two are in love.
 Sketching a liger one night.
Pearls at the park. 
 This sweet boy still sleeps like a champ alllllllllllllll day long.  Heaven (or anyone) help me at night.
 This usually happens around 5 pm each day.  I paid Lennon a dollar last week to keep them out there for an hour.  Best money I've spent in some time.
This guy has been missing the gym and sometimes work in the mornings so I can sleep.  We are tired.  We are in survival mode.  We hope to someday resurface and be social, fun, energetic and normal again.  Until then, don't expect much.  Just be nice to us.