Friday, May 2, 2014


This one is now two years old and only weighs 23 lbs.

 In contrast, this one (pictured right) turned 33 and weighs more than 23 lbs.  Tod surprised me with a Red Rock stay the day after my birthday.  Which was nice considering my actual birthday looked more like this:
 I could've written a whole post on birthday blues and how birthdays can be hard when you're a mom because you wake up to your oldest yelling because he didn't get to make you breakfast in bed and you're still late for carpool and the dishes still need to be unloaded and you end up eating leftovers for lunch and still have an appointment with your OB where they weigh you and some nurse practitioner pulls up your dress to measure the baby without using one of those paper blankets first and Larry still has a t-ball game that night and you still take the family to Flaming Fajitas for dinner where Ruby inevitably spills her chocolate milk on Tod's nice slacks and it's 8 pm and you still have to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. 
So I'm glad Tod pulled through.
Easter Sunday:

 The day before Ruby's birthday she tripped and hit her eye on a cement half wall.  She had 11/2 eyes for about a week.  Poor thing.

 I realize I'm posting a lot of Ruby pictures.  However, we are together 24/7 so I have the most material on her right now. Plus, she loves the library and loves books and that makes me happy.

 Larry's swimming lessons -- hard for her to not be included.
Last note for April:

I caught Tod singing "Funky Town" one night:

"Ninja JuJitsu...Funkytown!
Ninja JuJitsu...Funkytown!"

I'd like to see what that Funkytown looks like.

Bring on May.

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Carol said...

Love your new blog entry, Holly . . . I needed a "Holly Blog Fix"!! Cute pics as always. You are looking really good & healthy! Laughed at your "Frozen" entry! Maybe all that ice gives you a brain freeze & causes your migraines. I really doubt it, but I had to throw that out there for what it's worth. Lol. Better being addicted to ice than Chinese food or cheeseburgers! I craved green grapes with one pregnancy and watermelon during another. Chinese food (middle of night) with Tod. Love Lux's Easter dress ... so pretty! Thanks for sharing on your blog...we appreciate it!