Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i love my mom

We had some visitors this weekend...luckily we got a couple pictures before they left.  This is what our kitchen looks like five minutes before church starts:

 Backwards prom picture plus baby
 Accessory fight before church...Tod and my mom said YES, I said NO --her head isn't big enough. I lost.
This one couldn't keep his hands off her all weekend.  Except when he was super busy, obviously.
I love when my mom comes because we can sit and talk about nothing or anything for hours. We laugh pretty hard when we're together.  She's a funny lady who will tell you the truth if you dare ask.  Or not ask.  Like when she explained that I didn't know how to do my baby's hair or when she went to the store and bought like 500 new wash cloths for the kitchen because "who doesn't have wash cloths in their kitchen?"  Or jam?
When Tod and I were engaged we took a road trip with my mom to Vegas.  I remember sitting in the backseat and listening to Tod telling my mom stories and the two of them laughing so hard they were crying.  I felt like the third wheel.  Glad it's that way.
Thanks for the new books, new onesie for Roo and for stopping by, B & K.


Amy Bolyard said...

I don't have washcloth's in my kitchen, either. They gross me out so I only use Lysol wipes. Don't tell Karen.

Ryan Smart said...

I wish I had 1000 wash cloths in my kitchen and I wish there was a way to keep them from smelling like dead things. The flower is too big for the head, but I'm just not a fan of over-sized head accessories-luckily she is cute so it's okay. I don't remember your mom ever being brutally honest, but then again you had to have inherited it from someone. I like her.