Tuesday, September 25, 2012

san diego

I'm feeling fiesty tonight and want to post about a recent Facebook fight I got into with a psuedo-intellectual last week.  It's tempting but I'm going to hold off...I might say something I'll regret.  Or (even worse) sound as ignorant and judgmental as he did.

Instead, I'm going to document our last trip of the summer.  There were a few...definitely more than usual.  Right before I had Lux I panicked...how would I manage three kids all summer?  What would we do?  How would I fill all those days/weeks/months/hours/minutes?  So I planned a weekend trip.  Then another popped up.  Then another presented itself and before I knew it...we were pretty overbooked.  While I'm a wiz at packing and unpacking now, I think I'll hang around here for awhile.  I'm tired.  Although Tod DID say these trips should feel like vacations so why don't I count them as such?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

San Diego with cousins:

 Everyone in this Burger King wanted us gone.  Sorry, Barstow.

 Castle by Tod

Lux's mom never remembers hats so she borrowed one from Milo...it looked like she was going off to war.

Date night -- thanks for the recommendations, Ryan.

 It turns out Lux is a feet-on-the-dash kind of girl like her mama

 Walked in from a run one morning to these two watching MSNBC.  Lux is a politics junkie.

Then Disneyland before we headed home:

Tod took all three kids to Bugs Land while Mom went on a few rollercoasters.  I never thought I'd be one of those people riding alone on a rollercoaster but desperate times.......
Although Ann Dee did brave Tower of Terror with me.  We stood in line discussing how dying is one thing but getting your legs chopped off because the ride malfunctions is a whole other issue.  Although surely Disney would make it up to you somehow...and plus what a great story...
 Thanks Larry; we have maybe a hundred pictures like this of you (see above).

 Lux loved Nemo
 Larry -- needed about two more inches for this ride...poor guy.  Although it should be noted that he conquered the Tower of Terror.
P.S. Please check out our cooler and shameless pile of treats under the stroller.  Bells, you'd be so proud yet again.  

Goodbye summer. 

Facebook fight post (maybe) coming soon.  I'll have Tod edit it first.


IronLawGirl said...

Holly, I want YOUR life!

I want to eat Lux.

And I demand a facebook fight recap.

Carol said...

Wasn't all that long ago that Tod was working his "bum" off working such crazy long hours getting your business up & going and you were vou were both burning the candle at both ends. It's wonderful to see all the trips and family fun times you're having now. Hope you realize just how blessed you are. We are sure enjoying all the photos. Thanks for sharing. :)

MediocreMama said...

Kristin, I would take an Ironman completion over Disneyland anyday. Hold your head high.

Yes, Carol, we're so glad to finally have those start up days behind us. You were there...they weren't easy!!