Wednesday, September 5, 2012

we had more fun than all of you combined, infinity

I have a three day weekend complex.  I always smell people's BBQing and hear the screams from people's pools and I assume everyone has cooler plans than me.  However, this Labor Day we had fun.  In a different location which made it feel even more legit.  Thanks to these two:
Generally we ditch our kids for dinner out once in awhile.  But this trip we brought everyone...SIX KIDS TOTAL to their cabin in Bishop, CA.  It reminded me of the small town I grew up in...lots of mountains, lots of animals, lots of mullets. 
[Nat, please send the kid mullet pic asap.  It needs to be posted.]
 It was gorgeous.  And 30 degrees cooler than Vegas, thank goodness.

Larry is fearless when it comes to animals.  And germs.

 Little Ruby Tuesday was a dream.  Just hung around and slept when she could oh except the first night when she didn't sleep at all.  Neither did Natalie and neither did her baby.  We both walked into the kitchen at 6 am the next morning looking equally attractive and well-rested.  Traveling with kids... 

 This was the day Tod almost left our car with two doors wide open...thank you Jeff and Nat for being much more adult than we are.
 Proof that I was there -- I think maybe the only picture I have of me although I'm glad it was at the pig races. 

This rope around Larry's waist is actually his pet snake he named Calvin.  Calvin goes everywhere with us but when tied too tightly can make Larry's mom a little upset when it's time to change clothes. 
 Jeff was kind enough to loan Tod a pair of waders although he did not have an extra tackle box, fanny pack, hooks, bait, fishing line..........pretty much we had no gear.
 New boots...similar to his last pair.  Jeff and Tod took the kids fishing everyday and luckily
caught a
Even though this picture was taken just minutes before leaving for home.  I've never prayed so hard for a kid to catch a fish as I did that morning.  He was so proud.

Not pictured: Natalie's cousin and his cute wife who endured three days with six kids (two of them babies).  They may never, ever have children and I take partial responsibility for that. 

 Until Mule Days, Hammels.  Until Mule Days.

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