Monday, July 9, 2012

4th of July

A couple weeks ago Tod and I were shopping around.  When we saw these shorts, we purchased them immediately.  Because it's H-O-T here and because who didn't wear the same thing growing up?

They were perfect for the 4th of July parade.

Unfortunately Larry spilled chocolate milk all over his tank top during breakfast and Lennon's decorations sort of came apart in the car...

See above.

This little gem didn't mind being woken up with the sun to start the party.  Those lips, that hair, those eyes!
Larry...about 20 seconds post-chocolate milk spill
Lennon and one of his best buddies Tony.  These two are semi-obsessed with each other.
Kid parade...I'm glad no one was seriously injured.  Larry liked weaving in and out of traffic and traffic was going pretty fast.
Lux a Roo and me at the pool.  This bikini was impossible to resist.  She is so comfortable with her curves already.
She loved the water and especially loved her dad holding her all day.  I think she has a crush.

After the pool, these two shot guns.  I don't know much about firearms but nothing about these pictures screams SAFE to me. 

And finally:
Tod always teases me because I hate, HATE turning on the BBQ.  I always feel like it's going to explode in my face.  Well, that nearly happened just before dinner but luckily Tod's arm hairs took the brunt of the sudden flames.

But dinner was great. 

I love the 4th of July.  More 4ths here and here and if you're still

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Ann Dee said...

I am the same about the bbq. Horrified and terrified. Glad tod is okay!