Friday, July 6, 2012

california cousins

Last week we had guests.  Before they arrived it was time for haircuts.
Larry's looked great.
Lennon's looked like this.  As if I asked the lady to "Just buzz it right above his hairline."  Poor guy.
 Tod's family spent the week at our house.  We ventured to the shark tanks the first day...and they were closed.  Luckily the airport was nearby and most boys like watching planes land.

 But two days later, we made it back. The boys were in heaven.

 Tod spent a couple mornings with a college wrestler and came home looking like he lost in a cat fight.
 These two sweet boys graduated from Swim Academy.  If these pictures aren't precious...

 And these two finally met although their reunion is upside down and I can't figure out why.  Enjoy.
 Tod's dad finally retired this year so we planned a surprise party.  He was totally surprised by the party and even more surprised by his cake.  Thank you Tabitha...I had a vision and you had the skills.  He was thrilled.

 And finally on Sunday we blessed Lux a Roo.  Aunt Ali was kind enough to take our family's picture.  Larry was Larry and hid behind a tree.  I'm thinking Christmas Card 2012...

Another least he's with the group.

Coming soon: Lennon turns five and Lux spends the 4th of July swimming...

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