Wednesday, July 11, 2012

sheriff has a birthday

We call Lennon The Sheriff because he likes to keep everyone in check.
If you break any house rule, he will be sure to let us know.
Over and over again.

Well, The Sheriff turned five on July 5th.  Five years ago on July 5th, our first baby was born.
 Lennon is the one who's taught us how to do it all so far.
First diapers, first rice cereal, first haircut, first tantrum, first birthday party with friends at the park.

He has taught us a LOT.
 When he was a baby I'd drive by the parks and think, "This baby will NEVER be old enough or big enough to play at a park...he'll probably be a baby forever!"

So, so wrong.
 Lennon is the one who runs upstairs to grab a diaper/wipe/new outfit for Lux and is always trying to impose his wisdom on his little brother.
 The other night he was watching So You Think You Can Dance with me.  I asked if he'd rather be a dancer or play baseball.

Lennon: Which one did Dad do?
Me: He played baseball.
Lennon: Then I want to play baseball.

Happy Birthday to our sheriff...thanks for keeping the streets safe for us all.

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Ann Dee said...

Love lennon, oh yes we do!