Monday, March 5, 2012

white trash wevers

This weekend was full of exciting events.  They began on Friday when a package arrived for Tod from my brother Tommy.  In it was this wolf shirt.  Tod was tickled pink and wore it alllllllllll weekend.  True love, those two.
 Sunday night we time traveled to the 80s and played a few games of UNO (Lennon's new favorite game thanks to Grandma Carol) and watched The Karate Kid.  The original.  Not the crappy one with Will Smith's bratty kid.  Another gift from Tommy.  He is good.
 Saturday I made Tod move furniture to get the baby room ready and he took the crib apart and repainted it in the front yard.  I'm sorry, SPRAY painted it in the front yard.  Shirtless.  With Larry prancing around pantless (see above).  Total, shameless trash.
Lennon's new pajamas also came in the mail.  All I'm going to say is he picked them out himself.

And then there was last night when I had a semi-emotional breakdown when I came across this picture on Tod's phone.  Me...just last my normal, comfortable, painless body.  I forgot that body even existed.  Today at the gym I was lying on a bench and tried to roll up...only to come back down again.  Got up on try #2 but it wasn't pretty.  I feel like a normal person trapped in a beach ball body. 
And finally, I had a crap day on Friday so Tod sent me an email. He loves to fake-quote people.  The very end of the email reads, One of my favorite quotes by Mario Lopez that I always tell myself is, "The truth is the truth and the truth will set you free if it is the truth but if it is not the truth then you will not be free nor will you know what the truth is." 

So, so true.

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