Monday, March 12, 2012

out with the old; in with the used

We have had the same cars since we were married nine years ago.  In fact, the 4-Runner I drive now we crashed on our first date.  More on that here.  And the Honda that Tod drives is the same one he bought me when we got engaged.  The same one that almost blew up on a mountain last year, too.  More on that here.
unrelated picture of Larry's bed head and Lennon in a toy box

Now baby #3 is three weeks away and it's time for more space.  While Tod will argue that I can squeeze three gigantic car seats in the back of our 4-Runner, I'd like to preserve as much sanity as I can and keep them separated.  So we've bought a new used new to us car.

Which is what I thought I wanted until Tod told me he found a buyer for the 4-Runner.  I suddenly became emotional.  Am I just pregnant or is it hard to let go of the car you brought home both your babies from the hospital?  Is it hormones or do people become attached to cars that have taken them on both their honeymoon then camping trips with kids?

unrelated pic of Tod and Len
In Memorium (for both cars...still not sure which one to sell):

Remember when you filled up the Honda for Tod at Costco but then forgot that when you fill up the Honda you actually have to rev the engine for a good (literal) three minutes...loud...or else it dies?  Remember how you had a BMW SUV in front of you and a Mercedes behind you as you revved...and revved...until you finally chugged away? 

Remember just three weeks ago when you were driving the 4-Runner and realized the antennae was detached until it finally flew off on the freeway?  No radio since...
Lennon the Lion

Remember how Larry's window in the backseat doesn't work except one time he rolled it down and you couldn't get it back you drove home with the freezing cold wind blasting him in the face?

Remember when the boys smashed banana all over the backseat of the car? And how you tried to ignore it but eventually started feeling depressed and had the interior shampooed for a million dollars?
unrelated pic of boys

Remember the crack in the windshield that's been there since the winter of 2004? And how every time I take one of Lennon's friends anywhere they ask, "Why is there a huuuuuuge crack in your windowwwww?"

Remember the first Christmas you were married and drove to Concord in a blinding blizzard over Donner's Pass and Tod wouldn't slow down so you sat in the backseat to protest but he didn't care that you were in the backseat?  Remember how it wasn't long before he spun off the road and crashed into a pole that night and you ended up sleeping at a Motel 6 in Winnemucca?

Remember that your 4-Runner's mileage just today was 194,030?

Goodbye little 4-Runner or Civic.  May your next 200,000 miles be just as fun.

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