Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: A Thank You Note

Dear 2011,

Last year I wrote this letter to 2010 asking for a little more sunshine in 2011.  It wasn't instant but as the year began, the sun started to come out. Slowly. And after a year of clouds, sunshine felt better than I remembered it.  We got rid of a couple people this year and added some people this year and the changes have been unreal.  Tod's skin no longer has that grayish color and our conversations at night involve more laughter and less tears.  Life isn't perfect but fear and anxiety have subsided.
Thank you for bringing us Firehouse Subs this year.
This year I learned to find my dad in little things and now I can laugh about memories and feel happy for him most days.  My mom has healed a lot and has never been more beautiful.  We spent some time near the ocean, some time in tents, Karic got married and we even took a break with friends . The boys are healthy.  We have another one (boy? girl?) on the way.  And my best friend since preschool is going to marry the love of her life.  Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Larry - Thanksgiving 2011 and his perfectly placed guitar
You weren't easy on everyone, though.  People we love really struggled with you.  Please tell to 2012 to go easy on them.  Now they need some sunshine.  Please send some asap.

Finally, thank you for a job.  Thank you for the boys.  Thanks for cars that run and a house that's warm.  Thank you for health and little tragedy this year.  Thanks for everything; you came just in time.

Christmas 2011 - worlds away from Christmas 2010.  Knock on wood.
- Holly


KelliJamison said...

You deserve the best and I'm glad 2011 was good to you!

Ryan Smart said...

Please tell me there is a caption on Tod's shirt. I'd like to know how that purchase was made. 2011 was good to you guys, but you fought hard for it. Glad we have the Wever's as friends. Here's to 2012! We'll be in bed by 10 PM I'm sure.

MediocreMama said...

Kelli, thanks. You too. BTW, I think you should hike Mt. Everest. I'll talk to you about this later.

Ryan, it was a fight for sure. It's just so weird to have a horrible year followed by a year full of breaks. What does that mean 2012 will look like?

Kelly said...

Gotta love the naked photos. What do you get at Firehouse Subs? I've wanted to try it, but I don't dare try something, unless I know just what to order. I'm so UN-spontaneous like that.

MediocreMama said...

Turkey Bacon Ranch, hold the mayo.

alana said...

I lOVE this post! I am happy 2011 was a wonderful year, and let's hope the momentum keeps up through 2012! We definitely have so much to be thankful for- love you!!!!