Monday, January 17, 2011

Year of No Fear

Remember those No Fear shirts that everyone wore back in the 90s?  You  know the ones with annoying logos and graphic designs?  Do you have one I could borrow keep?  Because I've decided 2011 is going to be the Year of No Fear.  And nothing says commitment like a t-shirt.

See this problem isn't new; I've lived most of my life in fear.  At first it was of house fires, becoming addicted to smoking, driving drunk or my parents never coming home from their dates. I was always a super serious person, especially as a kid.  Like the time I missed a spelling word in 5th grade (the only one all year) and I came home crying, afraid I wouldn't get into BYU.


I know.

Those fears became more serious the older I got.  I'm no longer afraid of nicotine addictions but I am afraid of loss...the accidents.  And my fear multiplied this year after a series of unfortunate events.  Real ones.  In fact by the end of 2010 my fear was almost tangible and left me with a stomachache (one word or two?) that lasted close to three weeks.

And that fear carried over to 2011 which is why I've said enough.  I am done being afraid of things/people/situations I can't control.  I am finished letting another person's decisions dictate the mood I'm in or how hopeful I feel.  I am not going to fear the inevitable or the unimaginable.  I refuse to think of all the horrible things in life that can happen to my family and me going over them them until 2 am each night.  Instead I plan to have more faith in 2011.

No more fear.  Have more faith.  And dare to wear the t-shirt.

My dad had faith.  He had so much faith that when he died those who knew him took comfort that he never wasted time being afraid.  He didn't spend one minute wondering what horrible thing was next.  He lived without fear.

So if you find that t-shirt send it my way.  Or wear it yourself because it's going to be a great year.  Look, this guy knows it.


Sarah Chapman said...

Well said and I might just have to follow! I just wrote about my fear and I just need to change the way I think and to have faith in myself.

diana said...

I swear you and I are in sync. (We are also 'N Sync--remember our awesome harmony with the kazoos?) I was literally just thinking about all my fears from the silly afraid of the dark and thunderstorms to the intense loss of a family member or friend. I was going to blog about it; but you said it much better than I ever could. So thank you and I might just have to have a little more faith myself.

Kari Beth said...

Replacing FEAR with FAITH. Something I'll work on too. I love you guys so much, things will work out I know it!

Ryan Smart said...

I don't have No Fear shirts-I missed that trend, but I do have a sweet pair of Girbaud Jeans. Is there anything you can do with those...?

Ryan Smart said...
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alana said...

Love this. Me and Heidi read it last night. I also had to laugh at the line about coming home worried about getting into BYU - HA HA - funny childhood memories!

Faye said...

Wow Holly - we must be soul sisters or something because I could totally relate to your feelings. 2010 was a rough year for a lot of people close to me so I am going to take on your challenge and try the year of no fear too. Thanks for the inspiration!
- Faye Hunt