Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the holidays are over plus pornographic push ups

I am so happy the holidays are over.  I've decided I love having a schedule, my own bed, and even jobs to do around the house.  Nerd.

Although it was great seeing family over the holidays.

We look like a family of rabid bats...those eyes...

 And even 12 hour road trips with kids have fun moments like when we pulled over so Mom could use the restroom and Tod observed Lennon's sweats/boots combo and called him a Russian and Mom almost peed her pants. 
We got back and I met up with two of my best friends (including long lost Canadian Megan) for a sleepover at Red Rock.  They upgraded our regular room for this massive suite.  Too bad we don't drink because it really seemed like the thing to do in there.

 Lennon found a hat just Tod's size on New Year's.
Speaking of New Year's, Tod's first question to me in 2012 was, "So what was the story with Punky Brewster anyway? Didn't that old man find her in a garbage can or something then raised her?"

Does anyone remember because I don't.

And finally, some motivation for all of us out there with fitness resolutions.  I'd watch the guy on the left.  Seems like he's having the most fun.

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Jared, Christine, and The Boys said...

Your video just made my face hurt from laughing.