Thursday, February 26, 2015

goodbye hammels

In 2010 I lost my dad and we almost lost our business.  We had to sell our beautiful home and move into a different neighborhood, ward and stake.  When I think of 2010 I remember a lot of really hard days and nights. 

 It was in our new ward that I began visiting teaching with Natalie.  I was drawn to her immediately; she was funny, smart, and wasn't afraid to admit her kids were fighting or she was mad at her husband.  That goes so far when it comes to close friends.

We eventually introduced our husbands and a relationship began.  BBQs, Friday nights at the pool with pizzas and regular dinners out where we'd talk about everything. We started taking family trips together (a couple of our adventures here and here). And last summer when I brought home a brand new baby on the last day of school facing three months in a house with four kids, Natalie called.  Called me every single day and got me out of the house.  We met at story hour at the library (despite the lady's voice) and sat by the pool for hours every week. I nursed the baby and told her how little sleep I'd gotten the night before and she always listened.  Always asked questions.  We discussed our kids and how hard they were and I never felt judged.  Never felt in competition and never felt bad for feeling sad/mad/down.  Natalie just got it. 

In fact, we were out of town all last week but wanted them over for dinner on their last Sunday night.  I didn't have to clean my house and I didn't have to make a fancy dinner.  My dishes were good enough as were my clothes and faded makeup.  We sat for a couple hours talking and I realized that this is what real friendship feels like.  Easy.  That's how I knew I wanted to marry Tod.  It was easy.  And then we got married.......just kidding.  But kind of serious.  But kidding.

Yesterday their moving van was packed and headed to Gig Harbor, WA.  Jeff has been promoted and they're going to a place they've always wanted to live.  I dropped off Larry at school and was sitting at a light when across Charleston I saw their packed vehicle with Jeff's bike on the back, staring right at me.  I started  yelling their names and blowing kisses and waving as they waved back and the light turned green. We headed our different ways.  They're almost to Washington as I type this post.

Change is good and I know it's part of life but it's uncomfortable.  It's hard to accept that we won't have dinner with them this weekend and our kids won't swim together all summer.  And now I face the prospect of making new friends and hopefully getting close to at least one of them.  Because everyone needs one friend who you don't have to clean your house for.  Priceless.


IronLawGirl said...

I see she got the final rose. And still she's leaving? I'm sorry.

I wish we lived closer!

ellen said...


Carol said...

Sorry to hear such good friends moved away. Stay in touch and now you have a good reason to travel north to visit them in Gig Harbor. So many of our graduating class moved to Gig Harbor and yet we have never been there. Great post, Holly. We love you.

Hammels said...

Just saw this as im sitting looking outside at the grey skies and wanting to go to the park, but I have no one to call... We are so going to miss you guys, it really was so easy and it was so much fun to go on all those trips. It will happen again. Love you!