Thursday, February 12, 2015

measles outbreak vacation

We've always agreed -- our kids don't need too much Disneyland.

Maybe once or twice, maybe three times max.

And then we had a girl and she turned two.  We booked the trip.

Well, first we found a friend who wanted a baby for the week and then we booked the trip (thanks Rasmussen family!).  I'm always waiting with a stroller or pregnant at Disneyland but no more.  I'm reclaiming my rights to ride the tallest rides and pity moms with screaming babies at Bug's Life. 

And I don't want to sound like a jerk to moms with less than four kids but...three kids is so dang easy.  And fun.  And no baby on the trip meant no diapers, no bottles, no pack n play, no naptimes, no formula, no baby food, no bibs, no blowouts, no spit ups....easy. 

Additionally, we booked our trip on supposedly the two least busy days at Disneyland (on purpose) but then add a measles outbreak to that -- no lines!  Slight risk for death but no lines.  So so so worth it.  Because once you give them all that money...the last thing I'm willing to do is then stand in line for four rides in a day.  How do they get away with it?!  And how do we all afford it?  Anyways...

I'd like to apologize to Thomas in advance...we'll send you on a cool senior trip or something, okay?  Sorry...

Taking a girl to Disneyland made the whole thing so magical. 
And a princess dress with sneakers?  Yes.

I'm proud of my kids -- they didn't beg for treats or snacks or toys or anything.  This cotton candy was their promised reward for doing California Screaming rollercoaster and Tower of Terror.  They are animals.  I loved going on the big rollercoasters with my boys.

I should also apologize to Lennon and few pictures compared to their sister.  I guess get used to it and also note -- she sang and danced for two days...maybe put in a little more effort next time?

Sometimes bathrooms just weren't close enough.  I sent Tod with them on this one and kept walking like they weren't mine.

Every ride was like line.  It's really and truly the only way Disneyland is worth it to me. 

Until next time Disney.  And Thomas, you'll be there.


IronLawGirl said...

First, Ruby sitting with the princesses. LOVE!!!

Second, how do you get your kids not to beg for treats and toys constantly? Oh wait, maybe Ryan just needs to stop buying them whateverthecraptheywant!!! We'll work on that.

That looks like fun. And I'm so jealous of the no lines!! That's a Disneyland I don't know.

MediocreMama said...

We buy them nothing. We tell them we're poor everyday and that they're lucky we can even afford food. Break them down Kris....break them down.

Carol said...

Hahahaha! Holly, you are hysterical! We absolutely love your Blog! I was just looking at a friend's post of their family at Disneyland and their little girl's reaction to the Princess float in the parade. It was priceless! I immediately thought of Ruby & wondered how she'd react. She didn't disappoint! I knew she would LOVE it! You were SO LUCKY to not have lines!! That has NEVER EVER been our luck. Glad it was such a great trip for all of you