Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Sure signs you're addicted to eating ice:

You struggle to engage in conversation every morning until you've had your cup of ice.

You haul your kids (and sometimes other people's kids via carpool) 30 minutes round trip to Sonic.  Who wants a slushy?  Tator tots? Mom needs her ice.

You throw away perfectly good food (not expired, not freezer burned) from your freezer to accommodate said bag of Sonic ice.

You find yourself driving back to Sonic every three days so you throw away more food...and buy bags two at a time.

After purchasing bag, you spend the 15 minute drive home eating it straight up with your fingers.

Your kids now want ice in all their drinks.

Your oldest son packed his own lunch and upon checking its contents, one packed item was a Ziploc bag of ice.  For lunch.

Your family visits an ice cream shop by the ocean where they bake homemade waffle cones and dish up homemade ice cream from scratch.  You opt for not one but two bowls of crushed ice. 

While on vacation your condo's refrigerator has no ice machine.  Sonic is nowhere to be found.  You send your six year old down a few doors to ask for bowls of ice from Natalie and Jeff.  Until they're out of ice.

You wake up at 2:30 am with restless legs then realize you can't fall back asleep without...a tall glass of ice.

When your husband takes a sip from your ice water you make him fill the cup back up with water....ice levels and water levels have to stay...level.

You nearly crash your vehicle on several occasions trying to shake that last bit of ice from the bottom of the cup into your mouth.  Probably more dangerous than texting.

Your two year old now requests "Ice!  IIIICCCCEEE!"

While removing one of two 10 lb bags of ice from freezer, you drop the bag on garage floor, sending perfect ice flying everywhere.  You fight back tears. 

You've broken several cups used to crush up too-frozen ice.

You realize that on average, you consume 30 lbs. of ice per week. 

Husband brings you a large snow cone at the zoo which you don't think you want until you start spooning the ice into your mouth...two minutes later it is gone and you've sent him back for #2.

You actually dream about consuming ice.

You wake up feeling achy, tired, huge, pregnant and want to stay in bed...until you realize you have to get up if you want some ice. 

While watching TV shows, movies, commercials...you fail to notice the food in any scenes but instead focus on the ice.  One time the ice looks so good you break your NO ICE AFTER 9 PM rule and splurge at 11 pm with a tall glass. 

You eat ice so quickly that your mouth becomes frozen; if phone rings, you know you have to call them back when your tongue has defrosted.

Before leaving on trip, item on to-do list is stock the freezer with ice.  So nice to come home to those two bags waiting for me.

While posting on your blog about ice, your mouth starts to salivate for more ice.

35 down, five more to go. Pray my teeth don't disintegrate.


IronLawGirl said...

You are so lucky you're addicted to a calorie free substance.
Also, you're too hot. Stop.

Michelle Jensen said...

You are so funny and I did find myself thinking about ice. the. whole. time. It sure is delicious! :)

MediocreMama said...

Kristin -- I eat crap between the ice.

Michelle -- thanks for your comments!

The Munro Family said...

Hey! Did you know that is a common form of Pica called pagopagia? At least you don't crave dirt or detergent! You look great :) Congrats!

hps said...

Hi-Was just thinking about you as I posted a review of RPM for Tod. Wanted to make sure you are on an iron supplement or the doc had ruled that out. I have something similar with burnt toast. So gross-ice is better.

Best wishes, and we miss you in book club.


hps said...

Above comment should have said "had" not "have". Ha! Definitely not pregnant.

MediocreMama said...

Heidi, yes...my doctor started me on an iron supplement a couple months ago but the ice addiction remains. Habit? Not sure. After the baby comes we'll see what happens.

I miss book club too. Hoping and planning to come back. Have been reading most of the books just can't come most nights.