Wednesday, March 19, 2014

goodbye second, hello third

These pictures are in no particular order.  Ain't nobody got time for that. 
28 weeks along.  2nd trimester was smooth and healthy.  Full of headaches (I am not kidding...I've had a headache since November.  This baby better be super, super cute and quiet) and ice eating.  My teeth may fall right out of my mouth.
 Baking with Larry.  I always tell him he should own a bakery.
 My two BFFs.  They play all day long and seriously, seriously love each other.
 This one got a mysterious bruise on her cheek.  People ask me about it and I feel like I'm lying when I tell them I have no idea how it happened.  I dressed her like her Grandma KK last week and laughed for a good minute.
 Picture I sent to Kristi when she texted to ask if I'd cut back on ice that day.  I think the caption was, "Tomorrow is a new day." 
 We spent a summer in Dallas and ate Blue Bell every night.  I recently spotted this at our local Albertson's and almost died -- Blue Bell is now in Vegas.  I'm in big, big trouble.
 My three babes. 
 Ruby Sue who is obsessed with the library.  Singing time puts her over the top.
 Ponytail at the park
 She has rock collections like this everywhere...piles in the yard, piles in the house, piles in my bed...
 The night we slept while some awesome thugs threw this rock through our window and took my gym bag.  I hope they really really needed two diapers and some hand weights. 
 Baseball season is here and we now have double practice and double games.  Tod is a good dad.  Comes home early and takes them and stays after to practice batting.  I feel like I'd do those things but I'm so big plus I don't know how to pitch plus I feel really tired.
 Please can Larry always fit in these shorts.
 And please can Ruby always fit in her red cowgirl boots and dance on our porch.
 And please can Lennon always be proud to wear pig makeup for The Three Little Pigs Opera at school.
 And finally -- wrestling is over.  I am so proud of Lennon.  I'll avoid the details but will say this -- that kid is a hard worker.  He is so determined.  I've never seen so much passion in a six year old.  He became a real wrestler this season and blew our minds.  Excited to see what his future holds.
We all felt like this when the season wrapped up -- time to move on.  And get some fresh air. 
Third trimester...we are ready for you.


Jon and Ali said...

The Final stretch...and you can do it! What's with the ice?

Carol said...

Loved your post and all the great pictures of my adorable grandchildren! Thanks for being such a good Mom. I do hope your headaches are a thing of the past, you poor girl!