Tuesday, May 31, 2011

confessions on this last day of may

because I don't want to take all this baggage into June...

1. Our garage smells like hell right now because we've missed two (TWO!) garbage days in a row.  Nine garbage bags.  I blame Tod for telling me the garbage men take Memorial Day off. 

2. I was looking for a missing sippy cup yesterday under my bed and found this instead:

Not pictured: 2 lb box of See's Candies chocolate

3. Yesterday at Albertsons I almost lost it when the lady at checkout forced me to use coupons.  She handed a booklet to me, showed me which coupons applied to my purchases, then stood and waited (along with everyone in line) while I carefully ripped each coupon out and handed it to her.  Total savings?  $.76.  Which leads me to confession number four:

Picture of Tod - just because
4. I hate coupons.  Everyone sends me cool websites where if I do this and this and this I can get 150 rolls of toilet paper free.  And I get all stressed out and feel like I have to do it because it's free but then I remember some things just aren't worth it to me and I'd rather pay more.  Like pre-cut watermelon and rotisserie chicken.  Yep, I buy both and I don't care how much I'd save buying a whole slimy chicken that I have to cook then pull apart. 

5. I also don't floss regularly which also gives me anxiety plus 6. I haven't taken my kids to the dentist yet either.  Because if they freak out just when I brush their teeth how on earth could a dentist get in there?  Teeth issues just give me anxiety altogether because I sort of act like they're not there but then I know the cavities are multiplying all over our family and I'm going to be paying for ten root canals someday.  I also hate the reaction of the dental assistant who asks when my last check-up was, how often I floss, etc...I always leave the dentist feeling guilty and sort of trashy because I don't take better care of my teeth.

7. I'm upset that I keep buying the US Weekly swimsuit edition every spring where celebrities tell us their dieting secrets. Like the Victoria's Secret model who claims she lost all her pregnancy weight by "taking the stairs instead of the elevator."  BS - I've taken the stairs my entire life and still can't fit one toe into a pair of size 2 jeans. 

8. I throw pennies away.

9. Sometimes holidays like Memorial Day depress me because I always feel like everyone is doing something cooler than me.  Eating better food, laughing at some fantastic backyard party, swimming in a gorgeous pool, grilling better smelling meat...

10. I ate potato salad and banana cream pie for dinner tonight.  Why not.

Welcome June!


kristi said...

I throw away pennies, nickels and dimes. so....

Wilder Family said...

Holly these posts make me laugh. I had the coupon conversation with a friend just yesterday, and its good to hear other people feel the same way. I took the advice of a friend and price matched at Walmart for the first time and it was the worst experience ever! I finally told the checker to just forget it, but he wouldn't let me. I was ready to leap over the checkstand and strangle him. $5 savings is not worth a half hour of standing there.Never again. I just don't see the benefit of spending hours getting all the coupons, writing the list and then going to 5 stores.
I will stop.
I like your post. :)

Jules said...

total yes to #1, 4, & 5. I also blame my husband for thinking the garbage men took memorial day off. :)

mandy* said...

#8 seriously cracked me up! Who need pennies?? I also read about the diet secrets of celebrities. Like reading about their naturally skinny bodies is going to make mine magically look totally awesome. It's torture.

Heidi Ann said...

I am dying! I am so glad someone else feels the same way about coupons. HATE them. i don't even care if I save a whopping $5.00. Who the blasted cares? I'd spent it on a magazine anyways!! Speaking of, nice try skinny girls. "Oh um yea, I just chase my kids around all day and it's a lot of work so now magically I am a size 0." Rrriiigggght!