Monday, June 4, 2012


So many people have asked me how the wedding went.  Was I happy? was I sad? was it weird? did I cry?

yes yes yes yes

 In many ways I'm an adult -- I'm married, I have three kids, I live in a house, we pay our own bills, we drive cars that we purchased ourselves...

In other ways I'm still a kid.  I still want to come home to the same family I had growing up.  I still want to hear my parents laughing to David Letterman as I fall asleep.  I still want the house I grew up in and the room in the basement with the John Lennon poster in the corner.  I still want my mom to cook for me and I still want my dad on the couch when I walk through the door. 
 But life is full of change. My mom has found someone and she is happy.  He loves her. They both needed a good change.  Deserved a good change.  I believe it will be a good change for all of us.  It just takes time. 
 The couple looked stunning and the waffles were unbelievable.  I think about them sometimes.  The waffles I mean.

And our little beauty almost stole the show. 

This picture reminds me that sad times are followed by good ones and that it's okay that life replaces death. 


IronLawGirl said...

I didn't realize the wedding you went to was your mom's!! She' looks great!
I can't wait until we play, and talk for HOURS!!!

The Bell Family said...

I have that same dress in coral. You look beautiful! Fun to see pics of your cute family. Xoxo

Lori said...

I think you're really amazing! I love your outlook ... on pretty much EVERYTHING ... which is why i blogstalk you and your beautiful family, and i don't even feel weird about it ... because your sheer awesomeness just continually justifies it all for me. :)

MediocreMama said...

Kristin, see you very very soon.

Melissa, thanks! And coral would be cute as well.

Lori, thank you! That really means a lot. You have a beautiful family. Your last post talked about kids growing too that really true? Not believing it today...