Friday, June 1, 2012

hard good day

Some days I think "This isn't that hard" and then other days I think "I can't do this again tomorrow" but today when the boys decided to paint the carpet in Lux's room with real paint (Lennon somehow popped the lid off) I almost gave up.  Almost got back into bed and quit my job.

Instead, they didn't get to go to swimming lessons (easier for me!) and I blogged about it. 

They are each in separate rooms right now WAILING and I feel like sort of a good mom.  Like their suffering means I'm doing something right.  Didn't yell, didn't spank, just decided to take away their favorite thing. 

Am I sick? Go ahead and say it. 

But today is also a great day because this chunky monkey is two months old.  Already.  And never, ever paints the carpet.

Live feed from Lennon's timeout spot: "MOOOOMMM!  This is REEEALLLLY boring!  Now I'll never, EVER learn to swim and I'll probably DROWN this summer!  MOOOOM!  I want some LUUUUNCH!  I'm so BOOOOOORRRRED!  This is the BORINGEST THING EVER!"

I think I'll go make myself some lunch.


shana said...

Hey-It's Shana-Nate's sister. I came across your blog on facebook and I LOVE IT!!! Love how real you are. Good discipline technique. Your kids are adorable. We have a blog too, if you want an invite just send me a message on facebook. I was thinking it would be fun to get together if we are still in the same area. . .

IronLawGirl said...

Bahaha!! I can laugh because it didn't happen to me! If it did, there would have been yelling, and probably a spanking. So you can tell you boys when you let them out of time out that they should be glad that I"m not their mom. ;)

MediocreMama said...

Hey Shana! Great to hear from you!

Carol said...

Your husband ..... the father of these two little "Dali wannabe's" .... tipped over a gallon of white paint on my hot pink shag carpet in our B.R. when he was around Larry's age. But I only remember the "horror" I felt ... not what I did to him. Probably nothing .... we didn't know about "time out" back then.