Thursday, June 7, 2012

nine years ago

 Nine years ago over Memorial Day weekend Tod proposed to me on a ski lift in Sundance.  We had just hiked to Stuart Falls carrying nothing but a light backpack. We moved quickly.  Breathed easily. Our body fat was low and our hopes for the future high.  

So over Memorial Day weekend we went back...with two boys and a seven week old baby.  Way more than a backpack.

Plus others whose pictures are not on my phone.
This little guy didn't complain once.  It was muddy and long and he was happy.  Even happier when the hike ended and he saw our car.

"Look...LOOK!  Our CAR!  We go home! We did it!"

Awww Larry.

And Lennon was stung by a bee during hour three of four and was a trooper as well.  Wevers aren't wusses.
Family picture at the falls although Lux is facing the wrong way. I guess Larry is too.
Cute boys.  And is there any place dreamier than Utah in the summertime?


Megan asked if Tod proposed again at the falls or if we renewed any vows or whatever.  Ummmm no we were busy feeding two hungry kids and trying to keep our newborn out of the sun.  Took a couple quick pictures and headed back.  After all, it was way past naptime.

Life has changed.


IronLawGirl said...

Your body fatty is still low.

And we also had or nine year engagement anniversary over memorial day weekend too. In Santa Cruz where Ryan proposed. Twins!!

MediocreMama said...

Ummm chose to leave current body fat data out of this post on purpose.

See you Sunday! I told Tod "We're having the McPhies over for dinner Sunday" and it just sounded so natural and RIGHT.