Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Over the weekend Tod took Lennon to the gym.  Later, Lennon informed us that some older boys were making fun of him because he thought 5+5=6.  Tod's advice:

Next time tell them, 'Go easy on me guys...I'm an American too.' 

 That'll shut them up.

Speaking of Tod, sitting in church he leaned over and told me my hair looked really pretty....................like a helmet......................a thin, thin helmet.

Today Lennon announced if the baby is a boy we should either name him Blizzard or Donny Gill.  If it's a girl...Taylor Swift.
Not relevant just wanted a record of this
 And today I spent 45 minutes scrubbing something in the boys' room.  If I  posted a picture of the mess there would be three people calling me tonight horrified.  Let's just say I was dry heaving and wishing I spun signs on street corners for a living.
Could not get this thing to rotate
But then I checked the mail and on the back of the BYU magazine we throw away every month were these guys.  I'd rather be me.

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