Thursday, January 19, 2012

they're baaaaaaaack

Has anyone else ever left the gym so hungry that they ordered a smoothie for themself then a kids' pizza for their two year old at Tropical Smoothie but then ate the child's pizza only to have to return to the drive-thru to order him his own?

Sick, me neither.

Larry, in the good old days
Speaking of Larry, I thought I was some genius mom who avoided the terrible twos altogether until the holidays ended.  It started when January began and hit hard.  Like the other day when we left a fun sword where it belonged at a friend's house so Larry decided to lay on the ground - belly down - and scream outside their front door.  So I did my go-to trick of, "Okay, well then I'll see ya later Larry" and walked away but he continued the tantrum.  So I yelled louder, "OOOOkkkkkaaaaay, I'm leaving now...getting in the car..." and he didn't move.  So I started calmly walking towards him to talk this out.  When he saw me approaching he ran to the neighbor's front door and started banging on it.  Hard.  Screaming. I have never even spanked the child but anyone watching probably assumed I beat him regularly and torture him with fire on occasion.  I scooped him up (ouch, back) and threw him over my shoulder.  This is when the child started punching me in the face.  Screaming.  And so on and so forth.

Terrible twos are here.  They are real and I am going to assume (don't correct me if I'm wrong) they're not my fault because Lennon eventually grew out of this.  I'm just hoping Larry does too...before April 8th.


Jon and Ali said...

So funny. Your writing this...I thought we missed the T2s too, till this week! Damn it.

Ashley K. said...

Terrible 2's? I am waiting for the terrible 4's to wear off... miss you!