Sunday, April 24, 2011

incredible is normal (if your name is holly ann lowell...wever)

this picture is mind blowing because she looks like a super model without even trying (notice the "runway wind" that follows her everywhere she goes)

The best and worst thing about Holly is how incredible she is.  It is why I love her and why sometimes she hurts me.

like the time in 2004 when she deliberately crushed all my PS2 games with her bare hands, namely, Madden NFL 2004Grand Theft Auto III, and some other one that I am pretty sure was not mine. 

or most recently when I was cornered against my will into a dark closet and assaulted with a tube of toothpaste...

One night in Nevada Holly decided to post about Thanksgiving thankfulness and somehow connected it to a mildly embarrassing photo that I do not think is me if you look at it.

The glare on the grainy photo makes it almost impossible to figure out who any of the medieval enthusiasts were or why they were taking a photo op before their renaissance feast.

I would
never do something like that to her...
click here to understand why Holly is holding her island lover in what appears to be the barbary coast circa 1998

Holly teaches Lennon (and Larry) everything good they know.  I have come to realize that I have little to no authority over the children when it really comes down to it.

By default they will argue and defend their mom's last instructions as if we're living on a compound with David Koresh.

Example -- When I get home (and Holly is downstairs) I love to sneak Lennon or Larry out of their room to secretly hang with Dad for few minutes...

Lennon: (poking his head from around the corner)
Me: Want to come hang out with Dad?! (whisper voice)
Lennon: I can't... (whisper voice) 
Me: What do you mean you can't?! (whisper voice)
Lennon: I didn't take a nap today so I can't stay up late... (whisper voice)
Me: Don't worry about it...come here! (normal voice)
Lennon: Be quiet, Mom will hear us...I can't stay up late 'cause Mom said I didn't take a nap today... (whisper voice) 
Me: Okay, you better get into bed then...I think she can hear us! (whisper voice)

I wanted to marry someone like my grandma: opinionated, a little bossy, and super funny!

Holly is the queen bee in our house and I love it. She is the funniest person I know that I still want to make-out with. She keeps our home in order, takes care of us and those around her.

She is my best friend, I love her feet, and she looks so hot in cowboy boots and hat that I think I want to buy a farm someday.

In a recent conference talk by Elder Quentin L. Cook, I could not help but think of her the entire time and how incredible she really is.  

If you read this blog then you already know 
she puts up with a lot.  

(and cousin Evan too)!!!


Brooke said...

Happy Birthday Holly!

Unknown said...

Great post Tod! I love the pictures. Especially the last one. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! That hair!!!!!!!!!!! -megan

Sharstin said...

Holly--this is sharstin--paige's sis. So Happy 30th chick! i flippin love this post from your hubs--you guys are such a cute/fun couple. I must say i was laughing out loud at the dance picts--classic! what a cute fam you have..hope you had a great b-day:)
ps--we pretty much think kristy (aka christopher robin as we like to call her) is pretty much the best thing ever:)

alana said...

My favorite quote was, "she is the funniest person I know that I still want to make out with"!!! Sooo cute. I love it - cheers to the birthday girl. Love you Holly!!! This post made me smile the whole time reading it. You guys are one of my all time favorite real life couples. This was so cute for Tod to do. hope you had a fab. birthday!

MediocreMama said...

Brooke - Thanks!

Megan - Thanks...if you move back I'll cut it and give it to you.

Sharstin - HEY! I've heard all about you and love your blog. Thanks for taking care of Christopher Robin...that name is perfect.

Lane - I think my favorite part was when Tod compared me to David Koresh.

Mallory said...

What a cute tribute!!! You guys are both funny!

Carol said...

That tribute from Tod was a real effort of love, Holly. It took him all weekend to do it ... with a little help from his more computer-literate nephew, Evan. I think it was very sweet and it shows he's not just a "funny honey". You guys compliment one another to make the perfect pair.

Heidi Ann said...

Happy birthday Holly! I loved this post. Sooo fun to read what your husband said. Funny and incredible...."opinionated, a little bossy and grandma" Love it! Hope your year is fabulous! Keep the blog posts coming :)

Jon and Ali said...

Great Post Tod! Happy Birthday Holly...We Love You..and also think you are opinionated, bossy and Heca FUNNY!

tod said...

the best part about this post is the guy playing the bass in the boy george video...hilarious