Wednesday, January 27, 2016

laguna beaches

Tiffany turned 40 so we decided to get out of dodge.

As we drove away a part of me felt like I was escaping prison.

Not because I don't love my kids or my husband but because at home, SOMEONE ALWAYS NEEDS SOMETHING FROM ME.

I am the last one to eat and I'm usually cleaning the kitchen for the 100th time around 10 pm.

Something I love about Las Vegas is you can drive a few hours either way and end up in a whole other world.  We drove about three hours west (Heather makes excellent time) and checked into Laguna Beach House hotel.  

This picture was supposed to show who slightly overpacked...we could hardly fit anything else in the trunk.  Which kept popping open, BTW.

fig and olive dinner

Saturday morning yoga, picture I sent to my kids to say good morning and I love you even though I don't miss you yet.

Hike to the top of the world.

I took these pics because when we had technical difficulties with the TV, Tiff and I stayed comfortably in bed while Heather and Emily got up and problem solved.

My view while they worked things out.  There are doers and there are those who just lay there.

View during our walk Sunday morning. 

Enjoyed some shopping and I was able to also show off my uncanny talent to look pregnant at any given time/place/situation.  Muscle memory.

It's like a dreamland there.  

Birthday girl and me

This weekend away sent me home feeling happy, thankful, energized and supported by these women. Did we sing Indigo Girls with the windows down?  Yes.  Did we stay up one night until 1 am giggling over (Tod) stories?  Yes.  Did I tell them the one where I thought he'd been raped behind the Crystal Inn in Cedar City at 2 am?  You betcha.

I love being near the ocean and I am thankful for incredible friends.

Happy Birthday Tiff xoxoxo

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