Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas.... a month later.

I used to blog all the time.  In my defense, I only had one or two kids and I had way more time.  I miss it.  I miss writing down the mundane and remembering the little stuff.  I'll just keep trying.

Christmas this year was my favorite in a long time.  Our kids are at such fun ages.  I loved having Christmas in our new house.  It was so great to not be pregnant or nursing or have a newborn up all night....the kids all played and the weather was beautiful and I loved it.

These were (trust me) our best shots from Christmas morning.  I don't know how anyone gets good pictures that morning with so much going on.  

Thomas was into it this year...he's definitely not a baby anymore.

Ruby loves Fancy Nancy and got a few new books she didn't already have.

The boys got some new bikes and lots of footballs, baseballs and soccer balls for the culdesac.  We spent Christmas day playing baseball; Tod and I successfully beat our boys and their buddies in a close game.  Tod dominated in the outfield while I proved to be our team's star at bat.

Not pictured: Christmas Eve with Tiff, her girls and her sister and family.  I loved filling my house with people and eating good food together.  It made me so happy.

Now THIS bruise was worse than it even looks in the picture.  Gingerbread house making casualty...long story but I'm not kidding...I got this bruise making a gingerbread house.  Ask Jen Richards if you think I'm lying.

After Christmas we headed to the bay area to visit Tod's family.  The kids enjoyed their first ferry ride while their mom watched in horror.  All I kept thinking was how fast I could dive over the edge if someone went overboard.  Sometimes I think I'm insane.

We got to the city and showed the kids the sea lions, some homemade donuts, and a merry go round.  Aunt Ali was killing it on that horse.  Killing it.  

And you don't even have to say it...this one is trouble.  She is so self assured it scares me.

It's fun for our kids to have cousins as friends on both sides.  I was impressed that we took nine kids into the city for the day and came back with nine as well.  That took some effort and for that I give all adults involved a pat on the back.

The next day Tod and Rick took the boys out on ATVs for the day so we stayed home with Ali and baked cookies.  Ruby loves her aunts...they are really sweet with her.  We rented a house in Alameda near Ali which was an ideal location.  Way better than a hotel room with four kids.  

We have more pictures from the trip but they are all on Tod's phone.  

I also want to thank Carol for my new favorite earrings.  I can't wear them enough; she nailed it when she found these. They are beautiful, thank you.

When we returned home, Tod and I were happy to resume our positions in the loft in front of the TV.  We bought the kids a retro console with Nintendo and Super Nintendo in one.  We started off "showing" them how to play Zelda and then in the end we were sending them outside to play so we could have some peace and quiet.  Tod was up until 2 am one night playing so the next morning I asked if he made any progress.  His response:

"Well, no.  But I do know that the magic wand does NOT kill the spider.  I also got the raft and the red ring...."


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