Sunday, October 4, 2015

lennon's baptism

When Lennon was born, I never DREAMED he would grow up to be eight.  I didn't realize he would be riding a bike, reading books at night, packing his own lunches or putting his baby brother down for a nap either.  He is awesome.  He is smart, he is quick, he is intense, he is a lot like his mama.  

And he turned eight and made the decision to be baptized.

Months before he turned eight he asked his Grandpa Rick to baptize him.  Funny because I asked my dad's dad to baptize me too.

There is a lot of stress when you're moving.  We planned this baptism on a weekend when I probably should've been packing or cleaning or doing something but I'm glad we stopped and focused on stuff that actually matters.

Thanks to everyone who traveled to be there and I'm sorry we don't have more pictures.  The more kids I have the less I remember to record this stuff.  But, we did get this picture of Cooper so we're good:

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Carol said...

A really special weekend! So glad we could be a part of Lennon's very special day. We so enjoyed seeing all the grandkids & just hanging out a bit! Love you, Lennon! We are so proud of you, buddy! Looking forward to seeing you all again real soon!