Saturday, August 15, 2015

Posting from my phone at a carwash in Orem

I'm sitting at the Carwash while my car gets detailed for $72.56. The reason this is so expensive is because my kids have spent the last week spilling root beer and juice all over the inside of my vehicle. The car is so sticky it's difficult to open the door. I'm also house is completely boxed and the other house is a construction site. I'm sitting here wondering how we got through this summer. Tod and I almost killed each ther because sometimes I say black faucets look good and he says he's not so sure so i tell him to buy whatever the $&@% he wants to which he replies, "Why don't you care about the faucets?" and then we repeat this the next day/decision. Tod and I are good alone, we are good with kids, but we are NOT meant to remodel together. In my dream life we will move this last time and Tod and I will grow old there and die together in our bed in about 50 years.

Car still isn't ready.

Also a big thanks to my mom and Bill who TOOK MY CHILDREN TO UTAH so I could pack my house. God bless them. Someone give them a massage. It's amazing how much I was able to get done when I wasn't making three meals a day for four little mouths and doing laundry all day too. House is boxed. Does anyone want to go paint my other house? Or lay carpet? Hammer in a few nails?

Still waiting on car.

Coming back to Utah after 11 years in Las Vegas is so weird. It's like going back in time. So many memories from high school come flooding back. It's hard to believe that blonde cheerleader was me. Now I have four kids, a mortgage, and bills. Instead of dating guys, I have a husband I've been married to for 12 years (!). And looking back, I can't believe I was a cheerleader. The thought of a toe touch hurts and even worse is the thought of dancing in public IN FRONT OF AN ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL! Who was that girl?!

Still waiting. But good news: Rick Astley is playing:

Yeah now I'm no longer a young girl who eats her weight in bagels everyday and stays tiny. Now I'm like the old mom in the ward who had a pew full of kids and a church bag full of crumbs. I thought I would be 17 forever. Turns out that didn't happen. I wouldn't go back because then I'd have to do college over but a week of my junior year would be nice. When my biggest problems were what to wear to Homecoming and getting posters up for the football game.

Those floors must be really sticky.

Met my high school friend Diana at Sundance with our kids to see The Wizard of Oz. I hadn't seen her in 18 years. As we chatted I felt like we were still in HS but now just pretending to be moms and wives. Pretending to know what we're doing. Because we are the same but now with this whole other dimension of life. We've both lost our dads. We're both moving. It felt like no time had passed since we were in Josh Perkins' car singing and playing Kazoos.

Car isn't done.

Finally, school starts in a week. Which means schedules and homework and waking up and bed early. I'm a nerd -- this is easier for me than summer. Easier than all four home all day fighting and telling on each other. I like the space then getting together at the end of the day and hearing all about their days. We will be homeless the first week of school but life could be much much worse. Happy and healthy kids and a husband who is awesome until he's remodeling a house. If there is a next time I'll just pretend to care about faucets and maybe things will go more smoothly.

Dear House:

Please be done soon.

Dear old house:

It's been so so fun. You gave us six of my favorite years so far.

Dear Carwash guy:

You're so slow. But thanks for getting that rootbeer out.



diana said...

Oh man I've missed your blog! This was the best read I've had in a looooong time!

I could really go for some kazoo harmonies right now.

Unknown said...

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