Sunday, October 4, 2015

park city because vegas in august is the worst thing on the planet earth

A few years ago Tod started having regular conferences in Park City in August.  We would drive out and join him just to escape the heat.  He no longer has those conferences but the tradition continues because HEAVEN HELP EVERY MOTHER THAT LAST MONTH OF SUMMER IN LAS VEGAS.  It is so hot that kids don't even want to swim.  You lose your appetite/will to live because you feel like you're living in a blow dryer.  And four kids confined to one house plus packing that house plus renovating another house means IT IS TIME TO LEAVE.

Plus the Hammels met us there so it was like heaven on earth.

The kids spent the first week of August there while Tod and I packed and fought and cleaned and ate out for every single meal.

The second week I gladly joined them and hoped when I returned our old house would be burnt to the ground so I wouldn't have to move anything.

We got to hike with Aunt Kristi, meet up with an old friend from high school for a Sundance play...Utah summers are dreamy.  It never gets old.

The third week Tod flew up and we met the Hammels in Park City.  It's nice to have friends who have your back.  They celebrate when you succeed and mourn when you mourn.  We miss them.

Plus we laugh a lot.  It also seems as if maybe something is going on between Jeff and Tod.

We took this picture because Mojo is his nickname...among others.

Alana came up one day to swim with her two cute boys. We are worlds away from being high school cheerleaders together but being a mom with her is way cooler.  Our kids will never know that their moms weren't always moms....

Goodbye Hammels.  Goodbye summer.  Hello school starting and moving...heaven help us all.

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Carol said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Miss the little "Wev's" so much!