Thursday, May 7, 2015

when the lights...go the city....

Tod surprised me with a trip to San Francisco for my birthday. My mind immediately jumped to all the reasons we couldn't go...we need a sitter, what about the're so busy with work...we could use the money for other things...

But we got on the plane anyway.  Best decision in a long time.

Because yes kids and work and money are important but so is marriage and just feeling like a real person once in awhile.

A common problem we have in pictures is head size.  Tod has an unusually small head while mine is the size of a 6'7 male giant.  This angle wasn't too bad though.

We found a hotel right next to Chinatown and Union Square.  Not pictured: The first night in the city we wanted REAL CHINESE food so we looked and looked until we found the most popular place.  One appetizer and two uneaten entrees later we asked for our check, handed off the SLIMY food to a homeless man, and found an Asian fusion place that blew our minds.

I felt like we left mainland China and then finally made it back to America.  

Lunch with some Wevers after landing.

We have several pictures in front of our rental car because it was the size of a large dog.  I could reach my fingers behind my head and touch the back window from my seat.  It felt like every car on the freeway was going to eat us for dinner.  Tod said he believes we passed under a few semis by accident.

We crossed the bridge to Marin County and spent Friday at Stinson Beach.  Saw dolphins jumping and a mama whale and her baby.  Walked for a couple hours.  

One of the best parts about this trip was that Tod involved Christian.  Christian and I worked together for a few years at the Physics department at BYU.  Our dates probably didn't enjoy our inside jokes at dinner but it was worth it.  I can say with confidence that Christian is one of my favorite people on the planet.  


The next morning Christian and Matt took us to Muir Woods for a hike.  It was breathtaking and they are funny.  And fit.  

We hurried back to the city after the hike for my first Giants game.  Kind of funny that my family always cheered for the 49ers and Giants my whole life and then I married a guy from the bay area.  

We sat next to five super drunk guys who were there for a bachelor's party. 

Tod left to get me some ice cream and Journey started playing, "When the lights....go the city...." They grabbed me and pulled me to my feet.  I ended up singing and dancing with these funny, drunk, men.  

I felt pretty sober.  

Dinner our last night with Ali and Jon.  Was my prime rib bigger than everyone's dinner put together?  


Did I eat most of it?


Do I regret it?


Isn't Ali a beauty?

San Francisco has always been one of my favorite places.  It's such a feminine city.  I love all the flowers and the architecture and the bridges and water.  It's big but not too big and you can drive 40 minutes and be hiking with ocean views.  I don't want to live there but I'd take a weekend there anytime.  

Glad we went.  Was super excited to see the kids by the time we got back too.  

Tod is a good husband.

When the lights....go the city......and the sun shines on....the baaaaaaaayyyyyyy.....

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Ann Dee said...

i Love this. I should blog the good times. So that there is a record that there are many of them. Lots. You guys are a good example of happiness in marriage.