Thursday, May 7, 2015


April was fast. Three beautiful weddings.  McCall's and Marc's was my favorite and made me cry.  I love good friends.

Take your kid to work day -- most parents just let kids stay home and relax.  We opted to actually take kids to work and make them work.  Hard.  For eight hours.  Lennon missed school.

Meanwhile, Larry attended a fundraiser at Ober Elementary that night with Tod where he won the plank, sit up and push up contest.  Naturally.  Larry is a BEAST.

 This little man got a haircut and went from this:

To this:

Thomas is what we all have in common.  Sometimes Larry doesn't like Ruby, sometimes Lennon doesn't like Larry, etc....we ALL, ALWAYS love Thomas.  He is our glue.  He crawls all over the place, now pulls himself  up to standing and loves LOVES LOVES being zipped up in the trampoline with a ball.  Everyone wins on that one.

Our good friend and trainer Brian is gone.  After working out with him for almost three years, he and his husband and kids have moved to Europe for James' job with Cirque du Soleil.  I've cried all my tears and need to move on.  Below -- right before his last class.  

Saying goodbye to Brian's kids Rocco and Lucca.  
I turned 34 which is awesome and even better was having these two ladies in the same place to celebrate (missed you Natalie).  Having Megan local on my birthday was like a dream.  Had dinner and dessert and laughed a lot.  I love them.

Were able to see our FIRST BABYSITTER EVER get married in the Las Vegas temple.  Listening to the simple ceremony and remembering our wedding day was emotional.  It's sweet to think of what they have ahead of them...graduating, jobs, babies, and some hard stuff too.  It's pretty beautiful. 

One night as we were finishing dinner and I was ready to throw kids in the shower and then into bed, I took out the garbage and saw the most beautiful desert sky.  Sun was setting, the moon was rising and the air was the perfect temperature.  So we all enjoyed it for awhile until the fighting started and reality resumed.

I hope I'm doing that stuff enough and soaking this all in.  Lennon is starting to look like a teenager and my baby is already one.  It seems like the more time passes, the faster it flies.


Anonymous said...

The last photo reminds me of us laying on the living room
floor in 414, windows open, summer breeze blowing, Les Miserable blasting, and me crying while I tell you guys the story. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Ann Dee said...

This is beautiful. All of it.