Thursday, May 28, 2015

sometimes everything is falling apart our smoke detector that needs new batteries so I buy a pack of 9 volts at Costco only to discover this one needs a special tiny battery that belongs in a watch.  Still beeping.  Has been for three months.  We don't notice but guests definitely do. the dead rabbit that Tod must've run over on our street.  He parks right behind it every night so that the next morning he has to run over it again to get to work.  What are we supposed to do...use a spatula?

....the door from the garage to the kitchen was hanging by a hinge for a few days. Tod is a wood glue wiz. boys' room.  THEIR ROOM.  Boxes of rocks.  Scraps of paper.  Broken crayons.  Dirty socks.  Artwork tacked all over the place.  Medals in the hamper.  Church belts being used for everything but church.  Their room.  Someone help me.

....most of our soap dispensers are on their last pumps of soap.  I will make myself fix this today.

....we are moving in a few weeks and there are three closets that I don't even want to acknowledge.  Someone come do those for me.  Throw it all away, I don't even care.

....front gate.  It's been crooked for five years but lately it just drags.  Just leave it. three church bags.  Heavy.  Crumbs.  Diapers.  Need to consolidate to just one and move on.

....burned  out lightbulbs in every bathroom; we will get to it when they're all out.

....left blinker on the car was out for awhile.  I let it go for a bit but then the right one went out too.  Everyone hates me at 4-way stops.

Kids are healthy.  We are healthy.  Everyone is alive.  
Nothing is falling apart.

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