Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ruby tuesday turns three

Last weekend, Eudora Rose Chambers visited us with her parents.

We don't have many pictures of her parents because when Eudora is in the room you only care about Eudora.  She has the sweetest face, squishiest thighs and this tilted head smile that melts us into a puddle.

I seem to like babies more now that I'm done having them myself. It's been a big change.

So we put her in the brilliant/semi-abusive octagon that Thomas frequents and he immediately tried to rip her face off.

She spent most of the weekend just sitting outside the octagon so he could do no further damage.

Easter Sunday we listened to conference.  Favorite talks are here, here, and here.  The church is beautiful and real to me.  These talks are so inspired and uplifting.  I'm amazed every single time.

We also decorated for Ruby's birthday.  Three years ago I had the best surprise of my life when a little girl was born when we all expected a boy.  She is smart, witty, opinionated, fiery, and sweet all in one.  Girl parties are more fun to plan than boy parties.

Just look at this cake.  Tasted like crap but look at it again...

Had our neighbors over for cake  and after each gift she opened she squealed, gasped, then ran to the person to hug them and thank them.  Are all three year olds grateful?  

My mom gave her this picture for Valentine's day so Tod had it framed for her birthday.  He was sitting in his car the other night outside the house typing something on his phone.  When he came inside I could tell he'd been crying.  He said he was trying to write Ruby a letter and got emotional.  They have the sweetest relationship.  

Thank you sweet Ruby girl for filling our house with sunshine the last three years.  Hopefully you'll stop saying PISSED, DAMMIT, and SHUT YOUR FREAKING MOUTH soon. 


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Ann Dee said...

I laughed out loud at the cake tasting like crap. I wish we lived next door.