Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Having four kids isn't that bad except I'm slower at things.  Slower to finish everyone's laundry.  Slower at making dinner.  Slower at writing this all down.  Sllllooooowwwwww.
In no order at all whatsoever, October:
Bought a princess potty for Ruby.  Her initial reaction above.  Now she's excited about it so our Thanksgiving plans: potty training this girl.

My handsome 1st grader.  Lost these glasses a week later but it's cool; we're rich.

It's been a rough season but he's stayed loyal.  Hopefully he'll be more humble.

Kids in Sundance, UT over conference weekend.

Second trip to Utah in October -- Eudora Rose's blessing.

Lennon rocked the Apex Fun Run and Ruby bombed our picture like a creepy serial killer.

These two -- best friends.

And then...his third broken arm.  Flew off a bike again and this time I knew within 30 seconds it was broken.  Better than an entire week like last time.

Ready for church

And climbing in/out of her crib.  The amazing thing about Ruby is how mature she is.  I told her I didn't want her climbing out of her crib because she could get hurt.  So she told me she wouldn't do it again and promised.  Hasn't done it once since.  She keeps her promises -- like the time she said dammit and promised not to say it again.  So far, so good.

Daddy/Daughter date.  She talked about it for weeks afterwards.  Asking, "Am I going on a date again tonight?"

More Sundance pictures. Tommy asleep in the car.

Friends in town

Just because he's so cute in a tank top.  This was taken in October because it was as hot as July most days.  Now it's in the 60s and our fireplace is going nonstop.

These two hosted all my siblings for conference weekend.  Made delicious food and in return we pulled their weeds.  It was really fun to see my brother and sisters.

Larry is a lover.

Lennon is a reader.

Ruby is an original.

Tommy is a sweetheart.

Tod and I saw Wicked.  I am not big on musicals but thought the story was really creative and had some good messages.  Just cut every song in half then sing only half the songs and I'll be happy.
And finally, Halloween.  We dressed up for the first time in seven years.  Because who has the time?  We did because I brought back my sixth grade costume...memories.

Above: 2014
And this one...I believe 1991?1992?

Ruby only ate candy from her bag that was pink.

And Larry was hiding for the next week to eat all of his. 
Next year the kids have a choice: TRUNK OR TREAT or TRICK OR TREAT.  We had two preschool parties, two trunk or treats AND trick or treating Halloween night.  It's so excessive and I could go on but I haven't started dinner yet.
No more.
Next post: Tod throws an adult tantrum during family pictures.


Carol said...

We so enjoy your blog, Holly. Thank you for taking the time to post the photos. Your comments are always fun to read because you are so witty and honest. When I had my fourth child ~ Amy, that's when I felt the weight of a larger brood. So I know how you're feeling. It's all worth it though and you already know that. Love & miss you guys! ❤️❤️❤️

Unknown said...

What's wrong with Tods arm in that dinner picture? Oh... he must work out or something.