Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I had my fourth child on June 1st.
I spent the majority of my summer on the couch nursing, watching everyone's awesome summers via Instagram while my kids poured their own cereal every morning.
People at the beach, people in the pool, people BBQing, people eating out, people wearing bikinis, people having fun!
I was fat, on the couch, nursing and sweating in the heat of my air conditioned house.
In August I finally broke out and spent a couple weeks in Utah.
I love seeing my family, I love being near the mountains again, and Utah has the best food that makes you fat but really happy.
Plus we have a sweet hookup at the Bean Museum: Katy B.:

I love that my two year old daughter dared to touch snakes and tarantulas.

 A day at the lake when Ann Dee decided sand on her legs was enough sunscreen but no it was not:

Wever grandparents were in town:

This was the night Lennon kept complaining about a "sore throat" and a "headache" so I explained to him what allergies were and that he needed a cold drink of water and he'd be good.
That night he woke up throwing up and unable to breathe...croup. 
So, so sorry Lennon.  We spent the next day at the doctor's office then at Sonic for anythingyouwanttoeatlennoni'msososorryagain.
We threw Ann Dee a fun surprise (she promises she was) shower and she was beautiful.  After four boys she's having a baby girl:

Day at the park then picnic at the temple:

Day hiking at Sundance where I feared for my newborn's life as Tod REMOVED HIM FROM HIS ERGO AND HELD HIM FREESTYLE ABOUT 50 FEET ABOVE THE GROUND.
It was on this ski lift that Tod proposed; I was relieved when no babies were dropped into the bushes below.  What a bummer that would've been.

I don't know if there is any place on earth more beautiful to me.
We packed our bags and headed for Park City the second week.  Heber Creeper with the Hammels on the first day:
 Dear Andrew, May I please have your shirt?  Thanks.

I knew we'd arrived in Park City when I saw this character at the grocery store.  He's like a Park City mascot.
Lennon climbing the rock wall.
Not pictured:
When Natalie asked the lady if she and I could try it before they closed.  Natalie and I climbed that wall and you better believe I rang the bell at the top.  And then I didn't dare jump so I tried climbing back down.  Rookie mistake.

The day Natalie and I figured out a way to get five kids down the Alpine Slide with only two adults.  Somehow she ended up with all of them but one.  I think I had the sweeter deal.

Hotel swimming.  Why is swimming so much more fun at a hotel? 

Tommy and Shantay joined us for a few days.  What a relief when adults show up with Battleship, ready to take kids on rides, and braid their hair while you watch.

Check out those clouds:

I've been away from Utah for almost 11 years now but it will always feel like home. 
Except when it snows.  No thanks.


IronLawGirl said...

Umm, we had the same thing this summer. We went up to Flagstaff and rode the chair lift up the mountain, and I almost DIED! I was on edge, picturing how I'd have to jump out of the chair lift to go after my baby. It was awful!!!

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