Wednesday, July 16, 2014

holiday / birthday / strep

There are two types of people in the world.
Those who enjoy newborns and those who do not.
It seems like dads are allowed to say newborns aren't fun. 
And then when moms say it they suddenly seem insensitive, cold and mean.
I don't enjoy newborns.  I don't get baby hungry.  I get through the baby phase the best I can so I can enjoy the rest.  Babies are small, fragile, unpredictable, and a little scary.
Maybe five people read this blog so hopefully news doesn't travel too fast. 
I prefer sleeping all night, kids who can eat food in the car while I'm driving, conversations, reading books together, playing at the park, swimming at the pool.
 People say they love snuggling babies all day and to that I say: WHEN?  HOW?  AND DON'T YOU NEED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE?
No offense to Thomas or any of my other kids.  I love you all...I just don't prefer you as babies.
July so far:
4th of July breakfast with cousin Evan and Tod in his sweet garment top.  He hates when I post pictures of him in his garments and to that I say: Put on a shirt.

Cousin Evan came to visit and spent a week at scout camp.  He was a good sport -- our house isn't super peaceful right now.

Larry on my favorite holiday
Ruby -- scared out of her mind -- on my favorite holiday.
Thomas and me (snuggling!) on my favorite holiday.  See, I'm not that bad.

Lennon's seventh birthday party the next day.  After a weekend of the 4th of July and a birthday party at the pool Tod and I needed a vacation.  Or even a power nap.

He was so happy and look how handsome.  Seven years have flown.

Back at the house...once in awhile things get quiet so I investigate.  I found her like this in her room today and had a good laugh.

Then looked out my bedroom window to see these guys setting up a superhero store.
Some of the options:


Mermaids like grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

My sweet, sweet Ruby.

My sassy Ruby who may break her dad's heart someday.

And then Baby Thomas Q...six weeks old now.  And look -- snuggling with his super loving mom.

And then there was last weekend.  Poor Larry had a fever all day so I told Tod I'd take him to the doctor.  Instead he talked me into taking him to Outback for dinner with everyone first.  Picture above is Larry with a fever of 102 and his crappy mom enjoying her meat.
I took him in the next morning and he had strep.  It's the worst when Larry is sick because he doesn't complain...he just looks miserable.
Strep has far no one else has it...fingers are crossed.


Anonymous said...

This post made me cry and cry. You have no idea how fast these years are going to go. Before you know it Lennon and Larry will be at scout camp, Ruby will be at girl's camp and Thomas will be at his friend's house.

Ann Dee said...

i am not good with newborns either. At all. Ever. But I love my kids. And i love yours.