Monday, June 30, 2014

the rest of june/we survived/let's start sleeping soon

June ends tonight.  The last four weeks with a newborn have been much faster than the last four weeks of my pregnancy. 
Some pictures:
Ruby before trim
 Ruby post-trim.  I took all four kids to get haircuts (Tom said maybe next time) and felt like Superwoman.   Please look at her shoes.  And thank you Grandma KK for her outfit.
 Walked in on this one night and almost melted into the floor. 
 Natalie gave Ruby one of Maddie's Barbies and dollhouse.  She is in girl heaven.
Lennon reading to his brother.  Note his black eye -- self-inflicted wound from trampoline. 
 Grandpa Larry was in town so we got to spend a day with him.  What a huge lift.  I needed that.
Whenever he shows up I always feel like everything is going to be okay.  Stress levels drop and I feel like I can do anything.  Tom liked him too.
We spent a morning at the spray park and Larry spent most of it under this tree, eating chips.  Ahhhh to be a kid in the summertime again. 
One day was particularly hot so we drove to Sonic to get Mom her ice the kids something cold to drink.  The addiction is now not a pregnancy craving but a legitimate (and dental) problem.
I think I'm losing fillings but have purchased Sensodyn to help with the sensitivity and pain.  Please don't tell me to stop the ice.
These two are in love.
 Sketching a liger one night.
Pearls at the park. 
 This sweet boy still sleeps like a champ alllllllllllllll day long.  Heaven (or anyone) help me at night.
 This usually happens around 5 pm each day.  I paid Lennon a dollar last week to keep them out there for an hour.  Best money I've spent in some time.
This guy has been missing the gym and sometimes work in the mornings so I can sleep.  We are tired.  We are in survival mode.  We hope to someday resurface and be social, fun, energetic and normal again.  Until then, don't expect much.  Just be nice to us.

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