Sunday, July 28, 2013

quotes from this week


Me: Lennon, I feel like you could live in an apartment on your own and you'd be just fine.

Larry: I want to move out, too.


Tod: (smelling my hair) Oh wow! Your hair smells sooooo good and clean!
Me: What does it usually smell like?
Tod: French fries.  Or peanuts. 
Me: Well I don't wash my hair all the time so I don't damage it.
Tod: After you're dead I'm going to have you scalped and wear your hair as a wig I love it that much.
Me: ???


Me: BOYS!  Everyone get DOWNSTAIRS!  This is SERIOUS!

Boys come downstairs

Me: Can someone PLEASE tell me why two of our bathrooms smell like URINE?!
Larry: What's urine?
Lennon: Larry, urine is pee. 
Me: I have scrubbed these bathrooms all week.  Pine-Soled the floors...scrubbed the toilets...and they reek.  I can't even breathe in there.  Why does it smell so bad?
Lennon: Hmmm...well, I have been peeing in the garbage can lately.
Me: You've what?!
Lennon: Yeah...sometimes Larry is already on the toilet and I have to I've been peeing in the trash cans.

I check...both bathrooms have urine-soaked toilet paper in their trash cans.

Me: Lennon...why....WWWWHHHHYYYY would you pee in the trash can?
Lennon: You never told me not to.

Annnnnnnnd, scene.

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Mia said...

The garbage can?! With all the other places that actually have drains in the bathroom.. ha. At least it wasn't the floor or his pants. Good thing he is so stinking cute!