Monday, July 22, 2013

lennon turns 6 and the mountains are on fire

Six years ago, Lennon made us parents.
We didn't even know how to strap him into his car seat at the hospital.
I still remember his reaction just after being born.  He laid there and quietly looked around the room...soaking everything in.
He is still that same boy.
This kid exhausts me and makes me proud all at once.  His questions are thoughtful and his mind is fast.  The other night I walked in on him reading stories to Larry before bed.  I couldn't believe one of my kids could read to another.  He is soft with his little sister and knows what to do when someone is sad.  He has such an intuitive heart and an empathetic outlook.
So we celebrated with dinner (baby home with sitter) and a movie.

 The server asked which dessert he wanted...Lennon told him to bring whatever kind he liked best.  Reminded me of his dad.
 Larry...couldn't handle all that food.  I wish I could eat macaroni and cheese with cheesecake for dessert and still look good in shorts.

Only light saber in the entire restaurant
 Pictures outside the restaurant after dinner.  Horrible fires near Mt. Charleston.  Made the sky dark and ashy for days.
Lennon, we love you buddy.

Oh and P.S...garage is clean.  I wanted to sleep out there the first night.

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IronLawGirl said...

Happy birthday Lennon!