Friday, July 19, 2013

thoughts on a friday night

Outside the wind is blowing and dark clouds are rolling in.  Please somebody, build me a porch with two rocking chairs so I can go sit in this crazy storm.  Staring out the window isn't enough.

Tonight I'm dreading/looking forward to tomorrow.  I've announced to the family that if we don't clean out our garage tomorrow, I'm moving out.  I'll find a one bedroom apartment somewhere nearby (or maybe not nearby) and live in cleanliness until something gives.  Because is so bad.  I dread going through it all; I look forward to throwing it all away. 

This picture of Larry...just because.  Pajamas courtesy of Grandma KK.  Cowboy boots courtesy of Ebay.  Cute face -- from his dad.
I hope I can stay awake for an entire Dateline episode tonight.  Lately we fall asleep within the first five minutes.  I want the full 60, like the old days.

Ruby used to be contained in our little family room by rolling the huge Love Sac and wedging it between the wall and the couch.  This is no longer the case.  We wedge that Love Sac so she instead climbs onto the couch and then onto a book shelf then sits there and cries until someone rescues her.  This makes any task difficult.

Tod's car's gas tank broke.  Some spring doesn't work.  Once I was late for Scouts and low on gas.  I stopped to pump some...little door wouldn't open.  I called Tod.

Tod: Oh broke.  You'll have to find a stranger at the gas station to help you. 

Me: WHAT?!

Tod: Ask them to pull the gas button while you pry open the door simultaneously...

Luckily he recently found a solution: Prop kids' light saber against gas button instead.  Genius.

And time at a Burger King near the Grand Canyon, I spilled an extra large lemonade all over a family.  Because they called our number while Tod was in the I walked up to the counter, grabbed both trays (this is where I went wrong) right next to a nice family who was ordering their lunch.  Tod's massive lemonade slid -- fast -- off the tray and exploded at their feet.  The bad part -- they were soaked.  Even worse part -- the only table available was right next to us so we spent lunch listening to them complain, "Ohhhhh my shoes are so sticky!" or "Ick, my pants are ruined!" etc, etc...

Don't believe me?  Call Jeff and Natalie Hammel.

It's time for some take-out and Dateline.

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