Thursday, March 14, 2013

a few things

First: This poor girl is surrounded by boys and Viking hats.  She was also sick/teething last week and I thought to myself -- THERE IS NO WAY I CAN EVER HAVE ANOTHER KID, EVER.  EVER.
Because when your baby is on day four of fussiness so you give her a bottle to settle her down while you fold a mountain of laundry and you can hear the boys fighting in the backyard then you look over and she is puking all over your carpet so you clean her up, clean the carpet up, then put her to bed and she does it feel pretty tired.  And sort of sorry for yourself.
But she's better now and calling me Mama and her dad DaDa and eating buttered toast everyday.  So maybe another one is possible.  POSSIBLE.  And one more thing.  If my kids didn't fight, being a mom wouldn't be half as hard.  I'll do the laundry, I'll buy the food, I'll make the meals, I'll sweep under the bar 10,000 times per day, I'll carpool and I'll help with homework and bathtime and teeth brushing and everything else.  But the fighting? 
Someone stop the fighting.  I'll paint your entire house.
Speaking of walls were covered in scuff marks so I did the unthinkable -- I taped and painted without Tod's help for the first time and no huge disasters.  I am horrible at details.  I am not creative or careful.  But I did it.
People are right; painting is therapeutic.  And my walls look fabulous and our house feels a little less trashy.
 All week long.  I'm getting old. 
And: I couldn't stop laughing when these two walked down the stairs dressed like these two:
As pictured, Larry is still styling his hair like a pedophile and Lennon is really into tucking in shirts.  They were on their way into the backyard to find "predators in the African Savana."  These boys are really funny.

Finally: My favorite Tod quote this week:

Tod: You have the longest arms.  What's your wing span?

Me: -----


millie said...

I agree about the fighting thing. It would change my life and I think I'd use the f word a lot less.

I'm jealous of your painting. I was literally looking at my floorboards thinking, how awesome would it be if I painted them.

Bless your sweet girl and your styling boys. I hope there's no more barf this week.

MediocreMama said...

Mill, I would love to hear you use the F word.