Monday, March 4, 2013

last week

 Spring started to show...
 Freddy Krueger rode to the park on his bike.  He dressed himself and p.s. both pants and shirt are on backwards.  See if I care.
 Wrestling ended and Lennon was crowned TakeDown King. 
 Ruby crawled all over the place and ate dirty scraps off the floor.
 Larry...continuing to style his own hair.  All he needs is a comb and a gallon of water.  Then a new shirt to change into afterwards.
Last night I talked the boys into watching Jem with me.  Those Misfits really were troublemakers...
Mesmerized.  TV was better in 1985.
Three monkeys in the tub
and finally sick little Ruby all weekend and today.  You can tell just by looking at her.  So today I let her eat Pirate Booty for all three meals and Capri Suns in between. 

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