Sunday, February 24, 2013

for kari

Dear Kari,

Even though you asked for a post, I have nothing new on the kids.  However, let's just get this out of the way:

 We haven't taken our garbage out in almost two weeks.  I haven't been home for a week and I realize now that a few things stop when I leave.  The other night I was out and called Tod.  He was serving Goldfish and apples for dinner.
 We spent this week in San Diego for Tod's annual work conference.  I won't bore you with the details or pictures of each delicious meal but I will say this -- being a mom is hard.  Sometimes I don't realize it until I am away from it and life is suddenly so easy.  I love my kids but the break was good.  Thanks to Grandma KK for watching them.  The boys informed me they loved having KK watch them because, "She bought Oreos, Cheetos, ice cream..."  They were in heaven; thank you.
 Tod met Mark Eaton.  Remember him?  Childhood flashbacks.
 And most importantly, Tod won the video contest at the conference. He deserved it.  His video was funny.  Lennon and Larry starred in it and each received a blown up Oscar.
And finally, the entire week I kept thinking it was time to pack up the house and move to San Diego.  I feel like I belong there.  The locals consider me one of their own.  They assume I'm their neighbor. I want to sip my vegetable drink outside the juice bar in the sunshine and read my book.  I can buy an electric car.  I'll wear less makeup and wear my hair down and messy.  I belong in a turqoise house on the water.  It seems natural.  I'm thinking I'll do some type of bake sale or maybe a car wash (?) to start raising money for our first month's rent.  Details coming soon.


Ryan Smart said...

San Diego will welcome you. You'll need a lot of yoga pants, a golden retreiver,consumer kale daily and carry Trader Joe shopping bags-later you can graduate to Whole Foods, but you'll be poor to begin with. The bake sale better be gluten free and organic. Can't wait to be neighbors-You can totally borrow our Juicer and Vitamix. You can borrow Nugget to go for jogs just until you get your dog.

MediocreMama said...

Ryan, I have plenty of yoga many, in fact, that I'll never ever need a dog. Ever.