Friday, February 15, 2013


True love:
Tod not getting upset when I back into our neighbor's car and destroy their Acura SUV.
True true love:
Me not blaming Tod (more than once) for parking in front of the driveway and thus causing the crash.
When she gets really full she swings a leg up
 True love:
Parents who want their child to eat vegetables SO MUCH that they create fake dialogue almost every single night to accomplish it.
Tod: Larry, if you eat all your zucchini, you can have a roll with jam on it.
Larry: I don't like zucchini!
Tod: Well...then Mom gets to eat your roll.
Me: I get to eat THAT ROLL?  MMMMMMmmmmm I love jam...let me have it....
Tod: Wait...I'd give it to you but I really believe in Larry.  He's a healthy kid.  He wants to run fast and he knows that vegetables will help him.  I think he'll eat his zucchini so you can't have this roll.
Me: Can't I just have one bite...
Tod: (as Larry starts to taste zucchini) No, no, no...Larry is going to eat this roll. I just know it.  He's so tough, he can eat anything.
Me: Well, that's true.  But why does he have to eat the zucchini?
Tod: Because it has vitamins and nutrients and fiber and it'll make his muscles HUUUUUUUUUGE.......
Larry finally eats the zucchini.  Everyone is exhausted.
Valentine's loot all over the tramp.  Still there.  Someone come clean it up.
Larry's lunch on 02-14-13
 True love:
Buying the Red Velvet Cupcakes at Costco that Larry's been eyeballing all month. 
True true love: Unexpectedly eating one myself in about a minute but saving the other five for the kids........4 1/2 for the kids.
Grandma KK's hearts on their tree
Truest love of all:
Tod hating shows I watch so badly he has physical reactions to them.  Makes grossed out sounds.  Mocks.  Mimicks.  Puts all the characters/dialogue/acting down.  Yet turns on a movie about a deaf wrestler on Saturday night and I sit and endure it with him.  No judgment; except for the part where the deaf kid lays in a rushing river to feel its vibrations...come on.  That didn't happen.  Where was his mother...

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IronLawGirl said...

I'll come clean up the candy. And then eat it.

How about our V-day:
I gave Ryan this sweet box of chocolate cigars, and the box says, "Your Smokin!" (and I scribbled out the $4.99 price tag)
And then a v-day card that I signed "love kisser"

Then he gives me a gift bag, and inside was the Michael Khors watch I've been wanting forever!! And a card with a novel written inside.

I sucked at this holiday.