Monday, November 12, 2012

parenthood and camping

Right now everyone in the house is asleep.  I can't turn my brain off so I'm posting pictures from Tod's camping trip with the kids this weekend.  He and our buddy Jeff braved the suddenly freezing temps and took our kids camping on Friday.  I think this is awesome and encourage them to do this again.  Soon.  I love having a quiet house to myself...and of course, little Ruby.  We had a great time. 

Tod dozed off around 8 tonight (maybe tired from chasing kids all weekend?) so I started watching a show that he would rather die than watch with me -- Parenthood.  I've never seen the first few seasons but this season has me hooked.  Tod says that when I read a book I absorb its contents and start behaving differently.  Like when we were first married and I reread The Bell Jar and spent hours on end laying in the shower, staring into space...not moving.  He said no more Sylvia Plath.  Or the time I read that Dr. Laura book about Proper Caring of Husbands or something like that and I was an awesome wife until I finished it.  Well tonight, this show has me feeling like I'm the one with breast cancer and a daughter at Cornell and because of that I just can't sleep.  Because the biopsy came back and there was cancer in my her lymph can you expect me to sleep now?


Message to Lennon, Larry and Lux:

You have a good dad.  I would've made you eat cereal.


elle Padgett said...

I LOOOOOVE parenthood. I have to watch it when my husband is gone too. It makes me feel so justified in having problems haha and it helps me realize things could be worse.

MediocreMama said...


Maren said...

I was totally ready to stand up and quit my job when Julia did. Screw being a lawyer with a hot husband that cooks, cleans, and takes care of kids.