Tuesday, November 27, 2012

remembering thanksgiving 2012

The first thing I want to remember about this Thanksgiving was Tod cooking the turkey and potatoes to perfection wearing his mom's sunglasses.  All day. 
I want to remember that his turkey looked and tasted perfect.
And how the rolls Amy and I made took all day to make and two days to eat.
 How this lovely couple without kids of their own took care of everyone else's kids the entire time.  Baths? Meals? Bedtime? Park? Trampoline? UNO? No problem. Lifesavers.
 How excited these two were to see their little Ruby.
 How much these kids love this guy.  And I don't think it has anything to do with the iPad...he's just awesome.
 How Larry finally had a friend -- while the older boys did their thing, these two became best buddies.
 And would you look at those faces?
 Rick was a good sport...
 ...and a majority of our pictures include this little turkey.  She was a hit.
 What I hope we all forget was the stomach flu that invaded the house around 9 pm on Friday night and stayed till Sunday.  This poor mama had a sick, sick little boy.  Glad Ike's feeling better.

Thanks for taking pictures, Amy.

Weird to think I was pregnant just a year ago and now she's almost eight months old.  Time flies when you're not pregnant.

Last Thanksgiving HERE

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Jon and Ali said...

I missed my family soooo much this year!