Wednesday, November 7, 2012

romney loses, larry floods the house

Tuesday night was rough.

Tod and I own a small business.  We started it ourselves and have grown it these last four years.  No government loans.  Long hours, little pay, lots of sacrifices.  We had to sell our beautiful home to keep it going.  Tod worked two jobs for the first two years, rarely seeing his own kids. And although our business is now growing, our taxes have more than quadrupled.  This makes it difficult to hire more employees and/or offer benefits.

We voted for Romney.  He didn't win.

We laid in bed watching the news unfold.  Neither of us said much.  My heart felt heavy as I pictured very little change in our personal situation and very little hope for many others who are in the same predicament.  That's when Larry ran into our room, panicked.

"My bathroom....I made a big mess.  I MADE A BIIIIIIGGGGG MESSSSS!"

Tod got up first.

Tod: His bathroom is flooded....LARRRRRRRRRYYYY!

Me: Oh no....Larry, go to your room.  Wait, wash your feet first.  Wait, take off all your wet clothes first.


As I used towels to wipe up the mess, I realized he had not only flooded the bathroom, our hallway was soaked as well.  Carpet soaked in toilet water.  This is when Tod yelled from downstairs.


I ran into our downstairs bathroom to see water pouring from the boys' bathroom above.  Just as I walked in, Tod opened the vent on the ceiling; toilet water poured all over his face.

Me: That is really sick. 

After everything was mopped up and then re-mopped with clean towels and Pine Sol, I walked into the laundry room to start the washer.  Flooded.  All my clean laundry...soaked.  Toilet water everywhere.

On a final note, Larry has been calling me Butthead lately.  Not in a mean, hateful way but just a casual, everyday way.  Like the other day when I told him, "Get in the car Little Man" and he replied, "Okay, Butthead."

This is all Obama's fault.

And before anyone jumps all over me, I'm kidding.


Wilder Family said...
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Wilder Family said...

That's a rough night. We were pretty bummed as well Tuesday night as we sat and wondered what the future will hold with our business as well. Fingers crossed...

The Bell Family said...

Haha butthead. He is hilarious.