Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Today my kitchen/house/garage reeked because Tod cooked these in my kitchen last night:

Today I loaded all three kids to pick up a prescription and realized I didn't have my wallet once we were there.

Today my baby didn't really nap...teething I think.

Except today when my baby didn't nap I took her to the gym where she fell asleep...and I had to wake her.

Today our 16 year old neighbor informed me a cute girl said yes to the dance.  I did a raise the roof with my hands.  Why. 

Tonight I was making Indian curry over rice and had everything chopped and cooked but didn't have any curry.  Emptied out my cupboards.

Tonight Larry wouldn't eat his dinner (this is daily) so I made him try each item on his plate...eat a mandarin...eat some chicken...eat a cashew...

Tonight after the cashew Larry said he wouldn't eat anymore dinner.

So I put him in time-out for refusing to eat where he threw up everywhere then broke into hives.

Tonight I discovered that Larry is allergic to cashews.

Tonight Larry had Halloween cookies for dinner...as many as he wanted.

Tonight my kitchen looked like it had exploded plus the puke everywhere so I started taking deep, slow breaths.

Lennon asked why I was breathing like Darth Vader.  Then both boys started mimicking my breaths like Darth Vader.

Tomorrow will be better.


Unknown said...

Ha, am I ready for this?! That's so sad he's alergic, hope he's feeling much better.

The Bell Family said...

I'm reading your blog tonight instead of doing the dishes and cleaning the house. I'm laughing out loud. How many Larry + toilet stories do you have?

MediocreMama said...

Way too many. Come visit and I'll tell you more.